Alicia Silverstone's green BEAUTY tips & recos

By HaleyO
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Alicia Silverstone is definitely one of the greenest celebrities out there. The 34-year-old mom-to-be's exclusive interview with Access Hollywood on GREEN BEAUTY (hollahhh!) is making the rounds across the Internetz, so I thought I'd share some of her tips. I happen to be personally very inspired by the Clueless star and author of one of my favourite "diet" books The Kind Diet....

...AND author/creator of one of my favourite daily online stops The Kind Life, AND the designer and face of the new ECOTOOLS cosmetics bags and brushes collection (WANT...!).  All that...and more. She's amazing. Anyway, today, Alicia's inspiring us all to go green and LOOK GOOD DOING IT. Here's what she told Access Hollywood!

Eco-conscious beauty products are just as good as conventional ones....

“Many people think that eco-conscious products don’t perform as well – that’s truly not the case!”

Some of Alicia's eco-conscious beauty picks include...

-ZUZU CONCEALER Zuzu mascara! Love love love! ~HO> -LA BELLA DONNA BLUSH -GREENBRIDGE SERUM FOR FACE -TAMMY FENDER EPI-PEEL FOR A GOOD PORE SCRUB Alicia's tips on how YOU can get greener.... ♥ “Going green isn’t just about buying new eco-friendly products, it’s also about not being wasteful with the ones you already have. Prolong the life of your makeup washing them regularly and keeping them in a clean place.” ♥ “Get naturally beautiful locks and reduce electricity use while you’re at it by air drying your hair in the warmer months…. Once you let it go a few times, you’ll realize what gorgeous natural texture you already have.” [I] ♥ “Protect our furry friends and combat animal testing by using cruelty–free beauty products. Read the label carefully if you’re unsure.” ♥ “It’s so important to be educated about harmful ingredients and fillers in your beauty products – read up on the facts and protect your beautiful self!” Thanks Alicia (and Access Hollywood)! Want to learn more about how to go green? Check out Today's Parent's Green Living Guide! Happy Earth Day! Love! xo Haley-O (And, yes, my initials are pretty classic...!) Source

This article was originally published on Sep 18, 2011

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