Alicia Silverstone launches breastmilk-sharing program

Alicia Silverstone has launched a new breastmilk sharing program on her Kind Life website.

alicia-silverstone-breastmilk-sharing Photo: SBMF/Katryna/FameFlynet

Is your breastmilk organic and vegan? Then, congratulations, you're a candidate for Alicia Silverstone's new breastmilk-sharing program!

The 36-year-old vegan/environmentalist/animal activist/author/actress has launched a new program called the "Kind Mama Milk Share," based on her "Kind" brand, which includes her book, The Kind Diet, and her website,

Well, it's not really a formal program; it's just a blog post, entitled "Kind Mama Milk Share," encouraging moms to partner up and share their healthy breastmilk with another "Kind" mom in her area who's unable to breastfeed.

"Because we are a community of beautiful souls who recognize the importance of food as health, I say we help support those mamas and babies who need a hand during one of the most important times in their lives," she writes. "If you have milk to share – post it! If you are in need of milk – post it! Think of all the babies we can help raise together!"

"It goes without saying that common sense precautions should be taken," she concludes. But, basically, you just leave a comment on the blog post and buddy up!


What do you think? Would you consider finding breastmilk for your baby, or offering up your own breastmilk, in this way?

Love! xo Haley-O

This article was originally published on Jul 03, 2013

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