Ali Larter's baby Teddy's turning ONE!

Ali Larter's baby boy is turning one, and she's getting set for a big bash to celebrate (and looking amazing, of course)

By Haley Overland
Ali Larter's baby Teddy's turning ONE!

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Little Theodore Hayes is turning one (December 20th)! And Mom, Ali Larter (35), is planning a big birthday bash!

As Ali told People Magazine, the party's going to be "big." They're throwing it, she says, "on the actual day in Chicago where my husband [Hayes]'s family is, and we’ll do a mini one with my family."

As for the theme of the party? According to Ali, her little guy is "so musically inclined — he loves his music class." So she says they'll probably opt for "lots of drums, tambourines and guitar.... Something jammin'!"

Sounds like a fun party! Now let's get to how amazing Ali looks...?

Lucky for her, she says she doesn't dread exercise (like most of us do) — it's "not something that makes me go, ‘Ugh.'"

“I change it up," she says. "I play tennis, do yoga, sometimes I run or go hiking or do Pilates. I try to mix it up. But it’s also a stress buster and for new moms, it’s so important to take that time for yourself so you feel good.”

xo Haley-O

Source: People

This article was originally published on Dec 08, 2011

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