TV-addicted toddler

Teaching your toddler to be entertained without watching television

By Kathy Lynn
TV-addicted toddler


Q: What can I do to wean my TV-addicted toddler from the tube? She’s constantly walking over to the TV, pointing at it and demanding for it to be on. We’ve tried distracting her with other activities she enjoys (singing, reading, games), but she simply screams and cries if she doesn’t get her way.

Just say no and let her scream and cry. You want her to learn that you won’t give in to tantrums.

Decide what shows she can watch and when, and have the TV turned off the rest of the time. When you do turn it on, tell her she can watch this show and then you will read her a story. At the end of the show, follow through and refuse to listen to her demands if she fusses. When she sees you mean business, she will eventually settle down.

Also, don’t feel you need to constantly entertain your daughter. Give her small amounts of time to entertain herself and she will soon learn to engage in other activities.

This article was originally published on Jul 01, 2008

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