My 16-month-old isn't walking yet. Is this normal?

Expert tips on how to help your toddler take his first steps.

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Q: Our 16-month-old can pull himself up and cruise along furniture, but he prefers to crawl and has zero interest in walking unassisted. Could it be a developmental delay? How can we get him to take the next step?

A: Not all children are walking by this age, so don’t worry. The great news is that he’s moving, and from what you describe, he will be taking his first steps very soon. You can encourage him through play and practice. Hold his hands while he’s walking, and then try holding with just one hand, or lowering his arms close to his sides. Another fun game is to sit a short distance away, then encourage him to move away from the furniture and come toward you. After one or even two steps, give him a big hug. Make the distance a little further each day.

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