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Your toddler: 29 months old

Tantrum help, getting ready for a new baby and eating out with a toddler. Learn all about life with your 29-month-old.

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Taming tantrumsA toddler faces many frustrations in a day as she tries to do things that she can't quite manage. Add to this her limited ability to express what's bothering her in words, and tantrums will happen. Certain situations also seem to precipitate them. A child who is tired, hungry or hurried (or all three) is likely to melt down — such as during a shopping trip that accidentally stretches into nap time.

So what do you do once your little volcano erupts? Stay calm and follow our temper taming tips. The intensity of a tantrum can be frightening for parents — imagine how it feels to your toddler! She needs to know that you love her, through the good times and the tantrums.

Making room for babyBig news? A new baby is on the way! Of course you're thrilled. And your toddler will be thrilled eventually, if not now. It’s important to remember, as you bring a new baby into your family, that your toddler is still little and needs lots of care and attention. Don’t expect her to grow up too fast.

In time, she’ll adjust to her new place in the family, but the initial arrival of a sibling can be tough on your toddler.

Table for threeIt would be great to get out and have a nice meal at a restaurant! But is a sitter hard to find or too costly? It's OK. You don't have to limit yourself to fast food just because you have a toddler in tow. It takes a little extra planning but eating out with a toddler is not only possible, but can be a lot of fun too.

Playtime! Rainy day funEarly childhood educators call it “tactile exploration.” But you don’t need a fancy term to know that toddlers love getting their hands into something squishy and colourful. Learn to make playdough, finger paint and slime with our easy recipes that cost just pennies a batch.

Originally published on Oct. 23, 2011.

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