Your toddler: 27 months old

Potty training, sleep help and dancing with toddlers. Learn all about life with your 27-month-old.

Photo: iStockphoto

Photo: iStockphoto

Potty talk
Nobody wants to go on changing diapers forever — and it won’t be forever. It goes something like this: a very few toddlers are reliably using a potty at two; by three and a half, most are… another few will take longer still. Whether she is first or last among her peers isn’t a reflection on your toddler’s intelligence or your parenting abilities. Find out if your toddler’s ready to give up diapers for good with our potty training guide.

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Beat the bedtime blues
After the busy days your toddler enjoys, you’d think she would be content to just rest her little head on her pillow and drift off to sleep. But she probably has a different idea. Our experts tackle parents’ most common sleep questions to help you avoid bedtime battles.

Plus, moving to a big bed? Here’s how to ease the transition from crib to bed.

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Can I have a hug?
There are many people in our children’s lives who love them and want to express their affection with hugs and kisses. The only problem is that toddlers are often decidedly less keen on sharing these gestures. Parents should never force children to give hugs or kisses to anyone.

Sick day survival guide
Your toddler wakes up with a fever, your partner’s already left for work and you have a big meeting you cannot miss. What do you do? Balancing work and your family life can be challenging at the best of times, but when your child falls ill it can be downright impossible to manage. The best strategy for handling unexpected sick days is to plan ahead (way ahead). Read our working parents’ guide to sick days to help you create a plan B.

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Just dance
Dancing to music isn’t something that only people on TV do. It is good for everybody — it’s good for growing brains, active little bodies and it’s a perfect way to connect with your toddler. Put on your favourite music and dance your toddler around the kitchen. She’ll love it. Don’t have a second thought about whether you’re any good at it — she’ll think you’re Ginger Rogers or Fred Astaire.

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Originally published on Oct. 23, 2011.

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