How to deal with a toddler who always says "no"

Rather than lose your mind, try these simple tactics to deal with your little one who loves to tell you no.

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Q: When I tell my 2½-year-old no, or not to do something, she ignores me and does it anyway. How can I get her to listen to me?

A: Try telling your daughter what you want her to do, rather than telling her what not to do, so she knows exactly what you expect from her. For example, instead of saying “No, don’t touch that,” you can say, “The sugar bowl is not a toy; here’s a cup you can use instead to feed your dolly.” Take action right away when she ignores you because she’s watching to see what you will do. As soon as she ignores you, remove her from whatever she’s doing and tell her clearly what you need from her. When she knows you will follow through right away, she will start to listen.

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