Stapelstein Stepping Stones Review: We're Obsessed

If you buy one active toy this year, let it be these clever Stapelstein Stepping Stones.

Stapelstein Stepping Stones Review: We're Obsessed

Lauren Finney Harden

One of the hardest parts of buying toys is knowing whether or not your kid will engage with them. That's why open-ended play toys can offer such great value—whatever your child can dream up, they can play. If you're already investing in the best toddler mattress and room gear, adding creative and active play essentials like Stapelstein stepping stones is a must.

What are Stapelstein stepping stones?

Stapelstein stepping stones are a set of foam-like, dome-shaped toys. Expect creativity to be sparked and movement encouraged. The stepping stones are made from eco-friendly, waterproof materials and can be used for indoor, outside and water play. Independent play and endless indoors games are totally within reach.

They can be stacked, used for jumping, turned into bowls and anything else a child's imagination can come up with.


Who are Stapelstein stepping stones best for?

Children as young as one can play with Stapelstein stepping stones (with adult supervision, of course). Toddlers and older children love these for active movement games like the floor is lava and building forts. In our house, these brightly-hued stacking pieces become dollhouses and race tracks.

These colorful domes are good for sorting, balancing, jumping, transporting, stacking and collecting other small toys.

Stapelstein stepping stones review Lauren Finney Harden

Any child who is moving can benefit from playing with a Stapelstein stepping stones set. Even tweens might like them as extra seating or decor in a bedroom.

Our Stapelstein stepping stones review


I wasn't sure how my two-and-a-half-year-old would react to the Rainbow Stack, but the second I unboxed it she was off on a mission. I didn't have to guide her or explain anything to her, she just began moving them around our living room. They've been stepping stones, bowls, towers for her figurines, her cart for pretend grocery store trips and even a stage for her to perform.

I love that the stepping stones are made from eco-friendly EPP (expandable polypropylene), a foam-like substance. I don't have to worry about sharp edges or falling. As a parent, I love that they're wipeable and waterproof—my daughter will light up when she realizes she can draw on them with chalk.

The stones hold up to 396 pounds of weight which is great because I often find myself sitting on them waiting for instructions from my toddler. And that means we can play together, too.

Stapelstein stepping stones are an imaginative play toy and come in rainbow colors Lauren Finney Harden

We've grown to love the rainbow stack so much we keep them out in our living room as functional decor. There's no point in putting them away, anyway—my daughter gravitates towards them no matter what she's playing with.


  • A toy that has many uses: games, imaginative play, movement and more
  • It's pretty enough to be left out as decor
  • It has longevity and value, as children one to teen years can benefit from it
  • Wipeable and waterproof
  • Made from eco-friendly materials and is 100% recyclable


  • On the pricier side at about $200 per set, but the cost per play can be low if your child plays with it a lot

Where to buy Stapelstein stepping stones


Stapelstein stepping stones can be bought on the Rainbow Stack, where you can also browse their ideas for how to use them. Prices start at around $200, but wow—worth every penny!

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