Potty training

Sponsored: Teaching your kids about good hygiene habits

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Sponsored: Teaching your kids about good hygiene habits

It’s important that toddlers learn about bathroom routines and good hygiene, so read on for simple steps and easy tips for making trips to the bathroom a breeze!

Potty time!

  • Make using the potty fun. For some little ones, going potty is stressful. Many kids simply aren’t interested. To deal with these challenges, make potty time enjoyable. Have a special book you only read when your toddler is on the potty. Purchase a potty that plays music when your child goes, or sing songs together to pass the time. Put a little coloured water (use food colour) into the potty, and watch how it magically changes colour when your little one pees. Or simply use tried-and-true treats for successes.
  • Remember it’s about independence. Ultimately your goal as a parent is to make it easy for kids to manage on their own. Make sure you have a potty your toddler feels comfortable using, set up in a spot that’s easy to access and remember the importance of clothes that are easy for your child to pull up and down, including Pampers Easy Ups to help prevent accidents.

Clean up!

  • Focus on more than just the potty. It’s exciting when kids start to go on the potty, but it’s just as important you teach them what comes next. Wiping up and washing hands need to be mastered too. Be sure you have everything you need handy for your child to use: Charmin Ultra Soft bath tissue that’s soft and gentle to use, a stepping stool, hand soap and a hand towel.
  • Make a habit of hand washing. Your child isn’t too young to learn about the importance of washing hands to keep them clean and germ free. Remind your child often about washing hands when they look dirty, after they touch their nose, after touching an animal and before touching food or eating.

Tooth talk!

  • Brush together. Toddlers are too young to brush completely on their own, but this is the time to get them started. Teach your child to brush for two minutes (use a timer or play a song that’s the right length so they know when time is up), brushing every surface of each tooth. Once your child is finished, go over the teeth yourself to make sure nothing was missed.
  • Make it fun! Kids will do a better job when you use products specially formulated just for them. They especially love to use character toothbrushes, like Kids’ Oral-B toothbrushes, and toothpaste that tastes as good as it works, like Kids’ Crest toothpaste.

Pick up the products mentioned above and other items you need for your child’s bathroom routine at your local Walmart store or online here.

This article was originally published on Jan 09, 2014

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