Potty training

11 potty-training books we love

Toddler-friendly stories, pictures, and step-by-step guides that are sure to ease the potty-training process.

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11 potty-training books we love

Potty training books

Tinkle, Tinkle, Little Star

Written and illustrated by Chris Tougas, Kids Can Press (ages 2-4) This colourful board book uses cute rhymes to remind your kid where they shouldn’t tinkle: not on a train not on a plane and (the golden rule) never in the pool! $11,

cover art for Tinkle, Tinkle, Little Star showing an illustration of a toddler star sitting on a toiletPhoto: Kids Can Press

Once Upon A Potty

Written and illustrated by Alona Frankel, Firefly Books (ages 1-3) With separate editions for both boys and girls, this bestselling book is an easy read filled with simple and adorable illustrations. $9,

Cover art for Once Upon A Potty showing an illsutration of a little girl sitting on a potty surrounded by flowersPhoto: Firefly Books


I Use the Potty

Written and illustrated by Maria van Lieshout, Chronicle Books (ages 2-5) Only babies wear diapers! Big kids get to wear underwear and use the potty. This book is perfect for encouraging your little tot to ditch the diapers. $15,

Cover art for I Use the Potty showing an illustrated toddler sitting on a pottyPhoto: Chronicle Books

Potty Time!

Written and illustrated by Caroline Jayne Church, Scholastic Canada (ages 3-5) This board book delightfully chronicles a little one’s first experiences with the potty. Best of all, it comes with a “flush me!” button that makes a whooshing sound your toddler won’t be able to resist. $11,

Cover art for Potty Time! showing an illustration of a toddler and his teddy bear both sitting on pottiesPhoto: Scholastic Canada

Time to Pee!

Written and illustrated by Mo Williams, Disney-Hyperion Books (ages 3+) This laugh-out-loud picture book goes step-by-step through the transition from diapers to the toilet, and features cute little mice holding up signs of text along the way. $23,

Cover art for Time to Pee! showing an illustration of a toilet with a step stool in front of itPhoto: Disney-Hyperion


A Potty for Me!

Written and illustrated by Karen Katz, Simon & Schuster Canada (ages 1-5) Narrated from a child’s point of view, this upbeat and interactive “lift-the-flap instruction manual” is perfect for both boys and girls. $9,

Cover art for A Potty For Me! showing an illustration of a toddler sitting on a potty holding a stuffed bunnyPhoto: Simon & Schuster


Written and illustrated by Leslie Patricelli, Candlewick Press (ages 0-3) This board book follows a toddler’s inner dialogue as they ponder the potty that’s sure to make your little one giggle—and want to give it a try. $10,

Cover art for Potty showing an illustration of a baby sitting on a pottyPhoto: Candlewick Press

I Want My Potty!

Written and illustrated by Tony Ross, Andersen Press (ages 2-5) Our favourite sassy little princess will surely make your little one want to ditch their nappies too! $16,

Cover art for I Want My Potty showing an illustration of a little princess sitting on a potty and wearing a crownPhoto: Andersen Press


Potty Training in 3 Days: The Step-by-Step Plan for a Clean Break from Dirty Diapers

Written by Brandi Brucks, Althea Press (parents) This book provides a concrete three-day plan that’s easy to follow. We also appreciate this former nanny and behavioural specialist’s expert tips to help parents keep their cool during the inevitably frustrating moments. $16,

Cover art for Potty Training in 3 DaysPhoto: Althea Press

Potty Training In 3 Days: The Incredible Potty Training Guide To De-Stress Results In Just 3 Days

Written by Lisa Karr, eBook (parents) This eBook tackles all the basics of the 3-day method. We like her practical answers to common questions parents have during training, including “What if my child is totally bored with the whole potty training thing?” and “What if my child is afraid of the toilet?” $7,

Cover art for the Ebook Potty training in 3 days

Potty Training In 3 Days: 20 Astonishing Hacks That Will Help Any Parent And Make Potty Training Easier in Only 3 days

Written by Mina Long, eBook (parents) This eBook is what we’d consider a realist’s take on accelerated training: She doesn’t promise perfection of that it’ll be easy. The overall tone of the book is gentle and reassuring—exactly what anxious parents need. $8,

Cover art for the Ebook Potty training in 3 days

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