Potty training

Sponsored: I can go potty by myself!

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Sponsored: I can go potty by myself!

Those are the magic words every parent waits for when they’re teaching their little ones about independent toileting.

To help with the potty-training process, here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

How do I know when my child is ready to potty train?

There’s no special moment, but you can watch for signs, like when your child starts showing an interest in going potty, in bathroom routines, or in changing out of wet or dirty diapers.

Bathroom Routine Tip:  Avoid accidents by taking your child to the potty often. Sit him or her on the potty at frequent intervals – and be patient waiting to promote success.


We’re having a few successes, but too many accidents to go without diapers yet. What can we do to help with the transition? Pampers Easy Ups are easy for little ones to pull up and down on their own. They resemble underwear, which helps children understand that they are at a new stage. They come in popular designs like Dora and Diego that appeal to children.  And because accidents do happen, they have three layers (vs. two in ordinary diapers) for up to 12 hours of protection, with 25 percent fewer leaks than Huggies Pull Ups (size 4).

Bathroom Routine Tip:  Remember that toilet training is more than just going potty. An important part of the routine is learning to wash hands after every trip to the bathroom.



Are there any good tricks for ensuring success?

It’s different for every child, but often small rewards make great positive reinforcements. If you don’t favour food or toy treats, keep it simple with things like stickers on a potty chart. Make sure to PRAISE your child for all his or her successes, however big or small.

Bathroom Routine Tip:  Take your child shopping for a potty, and for some books on potty training, to involve him or her in the process right from the start.

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