One child, three daycares. Too much?

Is it bad to move your toddler around between daycares?

By Kathy Lynn
One child, three daycares. Too much?

Q: I’m having trouble finding a full-time daycare spot for my two-year-old. The best situation I’ve worked out so far is Mondays and Fridays at daycare, and Tuesdays and Wednesdays at a preschool morning program, with his grandmother caring for him the remainder of the time. Is this too much moving around for a little guy, and could it affect his development?

This is a lot of moving around for your toddler, but the real question is the quality of the care. As long as he’s with people who are loving and who give him good care, he’ll be fine.

I’d recommend introducing the daycare and preschool separately to give your son time to adjust. So you may want to have him start by attending the two mornings at preschool. Then, after he’s settled there, bring him to the Monday and Friday daycare.

The fact that the third care-giving situation is his grandmother will make these changes simpler, as he knows and loves her.

No matter what the other arrangements are, never forget that you are his primary caregiver and role model, and it’s the time with you he will value the most.

This article was originally published on Sep 08, 2008

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