Moving out of a crib

Our expert can help your toddler transition out of the crib and into bed

Q: We’re trying to move our 23-month-old to a bed. He likes to lie in it during his bedtime routine, but he doesn’t stay there. Any idea how to make this transition easier?

A: Readiness is the key to all developmental milestones for children. It sounds as if your son is almost, but not quite, ready to move into his bed. I would allow him to make a choice about whether to sleep in his new bed or crib at bedtime. Once he’s ready, he’ll regularly choose the bed. Children often get out of bed at night. Your son has noticed that when he’s in his bed, it’s much easier to get up and down, so he’s trying it out. Each time he gets up, return him to his bed in a matter-of-fact way. Don’t engage him in conversation — just take him by the hand, say “It’s bedtime,” and tuck him in.

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