Daycare drama

What to do if your toddler's acting out at daycare

Q: My 22-month-old frequently misbehaves at daycare. He refuses to comply and has thrown toys at other children. Time outs and taking away privileges have not worked.

A: Maybe this particular daycare just isn’t working for your son. The staff are punishing him, and he just doesn’t get it. Your little one can’t make any connection between his behaviour and what is being done to him by the caregivers. I would suggest that you visit during the day and spend an hour or two observing. What is happening around your son when he is misbehaving? Determining a pattern or triggers may help staff members intervene or distract him before there is a problem.

Ask questions about the daycare’s discipline philosophy as well as staff training. Early childhood educators should have the ability to help your son learn social skills. Redirecting, giving him some attention and cuddles, and making sure that he is not overtired or overstimulated would all help his behaviour. A change is needed — either a different daycare or a different approach.

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