Dancing toddler isn't impressed when mom turns down his jam

You know when your favourite song comes on the radio and you're grooving along. And then somebody turns it off? Ugh! This little guy feels your pain.

Jamming Baby

17-month-old JP quickly caught on to one of life's greatest joys—blasting music on your car stereo.

Like we all do when we listen to a catchy Pitbull tune, JP began fist pumping to the beat. We gotta admit though - his big gummy grin and bright blue monkey onesie makes him the cutest hip-hop dancer around.

JP was clearly in the zone, when suddenly his Mom turns down the volume. This little guy wasn’t putting up with any of that nonsense, so he ignores her and turns the music back up.

Just when he starts to get back in the groove, Mom bursts his bubble by turning it down yet again.

“You can’t turn it up so loud!” she tells him, laughing.

Watch the video to see  JP's sassy response. Trust us, it’s hilarious.


This article was originally published on Oct 01, 2015

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