3 hacks for making toddler bathtime easier

Make bathtime a breeze with these three simple hacks.

By Today's Parent
Illustration showing a bath mat being laid over a tub drain Illustration: Emily Beaton

1. Most toddlers go through a phase when they constantly pull up the tub stopper. Save water and your sanity by putting your rubber tub mat over the plug. They'll forget all about it.

Illustration of a kid in the bath playing with a rubber duck Illustration: Emily Beaton

2. Corral small bath toys, shampoos and everything else in a caddy that sits horizontally across the tub. If you set it in front of the faucet, your toddler can't bonk their head (and you won't need one of those spout covers).

Illustration of a kid playing in a bath with mom sitting next to the tub Illustration: Emily Beaton

3. Reluctant bather? Ramp up the fun by adding a couple drops of food colouring to the bath, and let your little one pick the colour. It'll be plenty diluted, so it's highly unlikely to stain the tub.


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