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10 times my kid acted like I was an a**hole parent

You try to do the best for your kid and in return, they act like you're an a**hole.

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Do you ever feel like your kids don't appreciate you? For example, you stop her from running with a pen in her mouth because that's an accident waiting to happen! And she throws a tantrum and acts like you're a real jerk.

This is called #a**holeparenting. At least that's what a new website has dubbed it.

Inspired by this hilarious trend, our Deputy Art Director, Mandy Milks, put together a little photo collection of all the times her sweet little girl made her feel like an #a**holeparent.


Why can't I throw rocks at your head? #a**holeparent


You spent the entire rainy afternoon making me a fort out of this box, but didn’t realize I would want to undo all your work and put stickers on the wall instead. And now the stickers are not sticky enough. #a**holeparent


You relented and let me eat a cheese string for breakfast, but opened the package way too far down. What, I’m supposed to touch the actual cheese with my hand? #a**holeparent


Great, it’s only 8 a.m. and my day is ruined because you will not let me run in the street. And my cheese string is still all wrong. #a**holeparent


I asked for the ELMO BOOK. Ugh, I read the one about Elmo going to bed yesterday. I want the Elmo book where he counts the numbers. Idiot. #a**holeparent



You made it too hot outside. I only agreed to leave the house if I could wear the monkey suit. At minimum, you should have brought a fan and a popsicle. I will rest here for a bit, then you can carry me the rest of the way. #a**holeparent


When I said I wanted on the table, I actually wanted off the table. When I said I wanted a hug, I meant don’t touch me. #a**holeparent


You gave me a yogurt dip with my lunch? What kind of psycho are you? And now you place it just out of reach—how will I push it away in disgust, now? #a**holeparent


I already let you do my hair this morning. Now, I can’t jam hair clips in the electrical outlet? You owe me, woman. #a**holeparent


You became exhausted after I chased after you for hours and tried to ride you like a pony. Now I will lay on you until you get up. #a**holedog

This article was originally published on Jul 26, 2015

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