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New+Now Doll face Fifteen Disney characters reimagined as toddlers.

This Month The latest toys, apps and entertainment.

Technology Play on. Check out the coolest new video games.

DIY Shine a light. Celebrate Hanukkah with an industrial-chic menorah.

Party time Festival of white. Invite guests to an indoor winter wonderland to celebrate your babe's first birthday.

Happy+Healthy Sing song Singing to babies calms them more than talking does.


Need to know New products, studies and stats.

Checkup Gut feeling. Babies are born with a bacteria count of almost zero. SO how do we give them a strong start?

Pretty simple Quick holiday looks. Parties or kids' concerts—these festive beauty tips will take you there.

Advice+Real Life Santa baby Many kids freak when they meet Santa. Here's some help.

Quick fixes How to... relieve dry skin; make ice bubbles; avoid lost mittens; and remove stains from leather boots.


At our house Cheers, mommy! Lisa Kadane enjoys mixing drinks at the end of a long day. Trouble is, her daughter does, too.

Education Why girls need STEM. Science, technology, engineering and math are the future, and your daughter's going to want to be a part of it.

Ian Mendes Daddy Grinch. Holiday traditions are lovely, but there are some things Ian Mendes just won't do.

Steps+Stages Pregnancy While no longer routine, episiotomies are still a possibility in the delivery room.

Newborn You've mustered up the courage to take your little peanut out in the cold, but what should she wear?


Preschool Whether you find it horrifying or hilarious, here's how to handle kid swearing.

Big kid What to do when your tween is a slob at mealtime.

Features Gift guide Feeling pressed for time to find gifts for everyone on your "nice" list? Don't stress—we've done your shopping for you!

Have a happy holiday, for real Don't strive for perfect—aim for relaxed. We've got 58 gloriously lazy hacks and tips to make it all happen.

A question of faith Spirituality has been linked to a series of long-term benefits for kids. So what do you do if your family never darkens the door of a church, temple or mosque?


Small but mighty Extreme preemies—babies born before 28 weeks—face a number of hurdles. But thanks to medical advancements, their changes of surviving are better than ever.

Food+Family Mini "Gingerbread" house Skip right to the good part—the candy—with this clever shortcut.

Baking with kids We've got 10 tips to make holiday baking a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

The make-ahead holiday Consider these five hearty, no-fuss meals our gift to you.

In the pantry Festive baby food. Take the season's classic flavours for a whirl and serve them on a spoon.

This article was originally published on Nov 30, 2015

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