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Table of contents: October 2015


This month
The latest toys, apps and entertainment.

Cozy + cute.
These hats and mitts are as warm as they are adorable.

 Emoji magic 8-ball.
Consult the whimsical, all-knowing ball to get a glimpse of your future.

Party time
Star Wars party.
Turning your living room into a galaxy far, far away is easy.

Need to know
New products, studies and stats.

Your health
Cancer countdown.
A single mom discovers she’s at a high risk for getting breast and ovarian cancer. Should she undergo the most drastic course of treatment?

Bone up.
As long as there are kids, there will be broken bones. Here’s how to spot ’em and what to do next.

Pretty simple
Morning rush.
Looking good at drop-off can totally happen. This high-impact routine is definitely worth it.

Advice+Real Life
Quick fixes
How to… deal with candy overload, dig out pumpkin seeds, easily remove face paint and make sure drivers can see your trick-or-treater.

At our house
At a loss.
After his wife’s multiple miscarriages, Bryan Borzykowski dares to hope.

Wanted: A few good men.
There aren’t enough male teachers in elementary classrooms. And that’s bad news for your kids.

Choosing a guardian.
The hand-holding guide to one of the most difficult decisions you’ll make as a new parent.

Age-by-age chore chart.
Your kids—even the littlest ones—can help out around your home in more ways than you think.

Ian Mendes
Babies are hard.
He may not mention it at Thanksgiving dinner, but Ian Mendes is grateful that his kids are a bit older.

Growing a human inside you is fascinating—but not to everyone.

It’s the worst feeling: not having enough breastmilk to feed your baby.

Sippy cups are ubiquitous in toddlerhood. But should they be?

Little kid
How to keep your cool when your kid says he’s going to run away.

Big kid
Too sexy? Tips on how to handle that tricky Halloween costume dilemma.

Smashing pumpkins
Banish rot and go knife-free this Halloween with our 12 no-carve pumpkins.

The trouble with ADHD
Here’s how three families struggling with symptoms of ADHD found answers—and help.

Double the fun
Your little one shouldn’t miss out on Halloween. These no-sew infant carrier costumes put baby front and centre.

Through the haze
One mom discovers that surviving the “fourth trimester” requires epic endurance.

Mummy Pizza Grilled Cheese
Stuffed and topped with gooey cheese, and then finished with olives for eyes, this is one yummy mummy.

Food news
Food, tools and entertaining.

Meal plan
Honey, I forgot about dinner.
It’s 4 p.m. Do you know what your dinner plan is? The answer: One of these five fast and delicious recipes that might not even require a pit stop for groceries.

In the pantry
In any kitchen, a bunch of bananas sits, slowly browning. Rescue them with these five fun ideas.

Just For You
The debate
Is Halloween’s blood and gore appropriate for kids?

This is your life
When your kid is indecisive about his Halloween costume.

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