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The latest toys, apps and entertainment.

Snow stompin’. Tootsies stay warm for hours in these last-all-season winter boots.

Party time
Cookie party. Break out the sprinkles, the chocolate and the icing bag. As this gathering shows, everything is sweeter with friends.

Daily dose
A recent study shows which fruit is the apple (hint, hint) of our eye.

Need to know
New products, studies and stats.

Itching for relief. Eczema can equal misery for kids, especially babies. Here’s how to get flare-ups under control.

Pretty simple
See spot go. Newborn baby acne is cute. Adult acne, not so much. Don’t freak out—fix it.

Advice+real life
Meltdown in aisle six
Shopping? Here’s how to quash a case of the gimmes.

Quick fixes
How to… prevent toddlers from locking doors, make non-slip socks, clean a chalkboard so it looks brand new and use tea tree oil to treat lice.

Play hate. Leah Rumack’s dirty secret: Playing with her four-year-old sucks.

How to ace your parent-teacher interview. The inside scoop on what to ask, what not to do and other tips to help you get the most out of your 15 minutes.

My sister, my bully. Fighting with siblings is a childhood rite of passage, but sometimes it goes too far.

Ian Mendes
Game theory. With 70 million units sold, Minecraft is among the most popular video games in the world. But to Ian Mendes, it’s a scourge that must be stopped.

Why some experts now recommend delaying umbilical cord clamping.

Postpartum constipation is the worst. Here’s what to do about it.

How to encourage your kid to play alone.

Little kid
Grade one can be tough. Here’s how to help if your kid is struggling.

Big kid
Your kid might be old enough to ditch the car booster, but that doesn’t mean you should.

The ultimate toy guide 2015
We tested all the latest toys with real families to bring you our favourite picks for every kid on your list.

C is for crisis
It’s major surgery that carries real risks for mothers and babies—so what’s being done to lower Canada’s ever-rising C-section rates?

Built on love
Three families generously and honestly share their stories of adoption—both the hard parts and the joyful ones.

Spiced Apple Oatmeal in Squash Rings
Yes, your kids are eating veggies for breakfast! (Now keep it to your smug self.)

Food news
Food, tools and entertaining.

Meal plan
Good to the last slurp. Feed them soup! Cold nights call for warm bowls full of healthy ingredients and happy flavours.

In the pantry
Crunch time. The moment a light, crisp, salty chip shatters between your teeth—yeah, that. Sure, the crunch is notoriously addictive, but that doesn’t matter one bit when these oven-baked beauties are so nutritious.

Just for you
The debate
Should kids be allowed to quit activities?

This is your life
The secret superpowers of all pregnant women.

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