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Table of contents: April 2016


It’s the birthday issue! We’ve got 66 totally awesome cake hacks that you’ve got to try. Plus, your guide to a stress-free first birthday party. And the must-read: 7 car seat mistakes you might be making.

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New + Now
What we love
Story time: Kids can create their own tall tales with a giant storytelling puzzle.

This month
The best new books, plus the latest toys, apps, gear and entertainment.

Pipe queen: Turn a hairband and some pipe cleaners into three different tiaras.

This misty mountains of Tofino, BC, cast a spell over Lauren Ferranti-Ballen and her band of city dwellers.

Party time
Pizza party: Looking for a cheesy good time? Invite all your little pizza lovers over for a slice of fun.

Happy + Healthy
New study
A new online tool can help you identify whether or not your child’s motor development is lagging.

Need to know
New health products, the latest studies and surprising stats.

The rate of childhood obesity has never been higher. Diets and policing the pantry don’t work, experts say. So what can you do if you think your kid’s sporting a little extra puppy fat.

Pretty simple
Fake it till you nab a solid night’s sleep with these colour correctors.

Advice + Real Life
Help and hacks
Baby’s asleep, now what? How to transfer your newborn to a crib—without waking him up.

Quick fixes
How to…make cleaning your toddler’s potty less disgusting, store bedsheets, organize Lego and give your kid eye drops.

I hate Earth Day.

When your friend can’t get pregnant…and you can.

How to throw your baby’s first birthday party without all the stress.

Ian Mendes
Is your kid hitting the diamond this season? Ian Mendes has some dos and don’ts—for you.

Steps + Stages
Placenta pills

Failure to thrive

What should your toddler drink?

Is my kid a racist?

School age
Hygiene help

Piece of cake
66 cake hacks that will change your baking life.

7 car seat mistakes you’re probably making

The new divorce
How to have a kinder, gentler and cheaper breakup (yes, it’s possible).

Food + Family
Quick recipe
Homemade granola

Food news
Check out our handy guide to what serving really looks like.

Easy meals
Breakfast: It’s what’s for dinner.

In the pantry
T9 unexpected toast toppers.

Just for you
The debate
Shou;ld you use the phrase “We’re pregnant?”

This is your life
Games you can play while hardly moving or speaking

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