3 Charitable Gifts That Can Help Feed Families Around the World

Multiply your impact and transform lives this holiday season.

3 Charitable Gifts That Can Help Feed Families Around the World
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With the holiday season quickly approaching, many families are thinking about how they can help support those in need. As the largest private relief and development advocacy agency in the country, World Vision Canada (WVC) is dedicated to aiding children and families facing food scarcity.

Child hunger levels are currently the highest in generations. Fueled by conflict, climate change and soaring food prices, malnutrition is a dire global challenge. According to WVC, this issue is a leading cause of child mortality worldwide, claiming a staggering annual toll of three million lives due to undernutrition-related causes.

WVC is recognized as one of Canada's top 10 international impact charities and holds a five-star rating from Charity Intelligence. More than 82 percent of its donations directly support children and families while it operates in the most unstable and famine-ridden countries through funded programs and initiatives.

Here are three charitable gifts from WVC that you can purchase right now to help make a real difference in the lives of those affected by famine. Best of all, each of these gifts is multiplied in value by seven thanks to donations from the World Food Programme.

Feed Hungry Children and Families

This holiday season, give the gift of life by providing nutritious sustenance to children and families in need. With gift options ranging from $55 to $500, you can feed one to ten hungry families through rush power-packed food supplements and bundles. Mohammed, his wife Waad and their four girls Safa, Rayan, Tala and Assinat are one family of many who have been positively impacted by this initiative. Amidst Lebanon's crisis of economic hardship and the COVID-19 pandemic, Mohammad was an unemployed father supporting his family in a small two-room house. Hindered by financial constraints, his daughters, unable to attend remote school due to the lack of data bundles, spent their days hungry. World Vision's collaboration with the World Food Programme brought relief to Mohammad's family.

3 Charitable Gifts That Can Help Feed Families Around the World

Emergency Food

This gift allows you to aid in the urgent delivery of nutritious food to those in dire need. This option ranges from $25 to $60 and the World Food Programme multiplies your donation by seven times its value to ensure more people receive the nourishment they need during times of crisis, famine, conflict or healthcare emergencies.

Family Food Baskets


Ranging from $50 to $100, these family food baskets are packed with nutritious staples such as grains, beans and oil, and extend a helping hand to struggling families like Fatema’s. Four years ago, Fatema was just an infant when her family fled Myanmar, joining 740,000 Rohingya Muslims in the world’s largest refugee camp, in Bangladesh. Hindered by legal restrictions on work and limited space for cultivation, refugees—including Fatema—rely on monthly rations of rice, lentils and oil. This assistance not only saves lives but also secures futures, particularly for young children like Fatema.

By supporting this initiative, your donation is also multiplied seven times its value by the World Food Programme, helping it further contribute to long-term food security for vulnerable communities.

This holiday season, lean into the spirit of giving by supporting WVC's mission to end famine worldwide.

Learn more about World Vision Canada and purchase one of their charitable gifts.

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