What you need to buy for baby number two

Whether you’re having a small shower or just planning for the arrival of baby number two, here’s what you should replace or make sure you have on-hand.

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What you need to buy for baby number two
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Experienced parents know that their second or third (or fourth…) child will get to love some of the same items that their older sibling did, but are also wise enough to realize that the new addition needs some new gear of their very own, too. While creating a gift registry for all the friends and family members who want to welcome the new baby, here’s what you’ll need to be sure to include.

Double stroller or stroller board

Depending on the age gap between the new baby and your other child or children, this will be a much-needed game changer. Look for customizable configurations that work with your family’s needs and ages. Another option is a stroller board, also known as a ride-on board, glider or buggy board, which attaches behind a stroller’s rear wheels so your toddler can stand on it and hold on to the stroller’s handle.

Bottle nipples, soothers, teethers, toddler cutlery and sippy cups

Babies and toddlers tend to chew like beavers, so anything that was used by big brother or sister should be replaced with something fresh.

Car seat

Check the expiration date on your current infant car seat, usually located on a label on the side. If you need a new one, or will need a new one soon, now’s the time to update it.

Wash cloths, bibs and crib mattress


It’s nice to have unstained wash clothes and bibs that are ready for the new arrival. Similarly, if your existing crib mattress has seen its share of bodily fluids already, this is a good time to replace it.

Health and personal care items

Rectal thermometers and snot-suckers (nasal aspirators) are really the kind of thing to be used by one person only! Now that you know your favourite go-to diapers, diaper creams, lotions, massage oils, baby washes and shampoos and other personal care items, you can add these to your wish list.

White noise machine

Soothing, consistent white noise (or pink noise, like the sound of rainfall) in your baby’s room can help minimize the sounds of a busy house when they’re sleeping. And, if your kids will share a room, a noise machine can help your older child snooze through the baby’s snuffles and babbles. Be sure, however, to check that audio levels are within safe parameters for young ears.


Baby carrier

If you didn’t use one the first time around, you’ll need one now to help keep your hands free for parenting the rest of the household while keeping your baby cozy and close.

Gift cards for services

No doubt, this is a gift for the whole family. Think: meals, diaper service, dog-walking service or housecleaning. What will make those early frazzled days go a bit more smoothly?

Next-level baby monitors

What you need to buy for baby number two


Good news for every parent who has ever thought, “I wish my baby monitor could…”: That day is now here! The latest LeapFrog baby monitors offer a wide range of useful features for parents who want real-time info on what’s going on in baby’s room, so asking for an upgrade is totally justifiable. Consider these cool features:

  • crisp, clear colour night vision (no more spooky, black-and-white video)
  • screen with 5-inch colour display and sharp 1080-pixel high definition
  • 360-degree pan, tilt and zoom, and built-in wide-angle viewing up to 110 degrees, so you can take in the whole room or use the 8X zoom
  • two-way, talk-back intercom so you can say “night night” to a kiddo who needs a little soothing (without an oh-so-exciting visit)
  • up to 1,000 feet (304 m) of range on the portable parent unit
  • a temperature sensor, to check if the room is too hot or cold
  • audio to play soothing sounds and lullabies, and a multi-colour nightlight to softly illuminate a dark room
  • long-lasting battery and 15 hours of video streaming

Leapfrog LF815HD 5-in. WiFi High-Definition Video Baby Monitor, $199.99; Leapfrog LF925HD 5-in. WiFi High-Definition Video Pan & Tilt Baby Monitor, $259.99.

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