6 parenting hacks that save time and money

Whether you’re strapped for time in the mornings or struggling with expensive grocery bills, these tips will help get you back on track.

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6 parenting hacks that save time and money
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Between work, school, cooking, homework, laundry and virtual birthday parties, there’s so much to get done these days—and so little time to do it. But there’s no shame in taking a few shortcuts here and there. Use these six clever hacks to save yourself precious time, money and energy while making life a little easier for the whole family.

Prepare breakfast the night before

Whip up an easy yet nutritious recipe, like overnight oats or make-ahead smoothies, then portion and store them in the fridge in mason jars. The kids can grab them in the morning when they wake up. Something like a large bag of oats is only $2.97 at Walmart and can feed the whole family! Bonus tip for caffeine lovers: Prep your coffee maker the night before and set out your favourite mug so that all you have to do in the AM is press a button for a fresh brew.

Share an up-to-date family calendar

Sharing a calendar with your partner and older kids ensures everyone is on the same page (and that no one will double-book the car). Download a calendar app that the family can share across devices. Ask everyone to make sure they keep track of important dates, like school events and deadlines, appointments and even laundry days. You can use colour coding to make it easier to see what’s what at a glance (yellow for dentist visits, purple for birthdays, and so on).

Order your groceries online

With Walmart Online Grocery Pickup, you can get everything you need—from freshly baked goods and quality cuts of meat to the kids’ favourite snacks. Home cooks will appreciate that Walmart’s Fresh Guarantee means you’ll always get the freshest produce, and the prices are just as low as you’d find in-store. Plus, Pickup is free for all orders over $35 and there are always lots of time slots to choose from. Here’s how it works: Order what you need online and select “Pickup” and your nearest store at checkout. When you receive a “Ready for Pickup” email, head to the store (you’ll find Pickup point directions in the email) and upon arrival, use Mobile Check-In for a faster experience. The process is completely contactless, so you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your car. Shop on or download the Walmart app so you can add to your cart from anywhere. Try it today: New customers can use code FREEDELIVERY for free delivery on their first* order of $75 or more before taxes and fees.

Lay out everyone’s clothes the night before

Check the weather report for the next day and then put outfits together with the kids (this will also help avoid any morning meltdowns over stripes versus solids!). And don’t forget to plan your own look, too: Lay out all your clothes and accessories in the bedroom so getting ready in the AM is a no-brainer (and you can get to your coffee sooner).

Meal-plan suppers for the week in advance

Book some time each Saturday or Sunday to prep family dinners for the week ahead. Look for fast and tasty recipes for sheet pan meals, one-pot pastas, kid-friendly soups and crockpot stews. When shopping somewhere like Walmart, you can get everything you need to last your family for the week in one virtual shopping cart. For family-favourite recipes, be sure to double the recipe and freeze half of the batch—your future self will thank you!

Have the kids help with sorting laundry


Make laundry day a little easier (and less time-consuming) by asking kids and teens to sort their own laundry: Keep two mesh bags or hampers in each of their rooms—one for lights and one for darks. Another time-saving tip if little ones’ socks are forever getting lost: Assign one colour to each child (think green, purple or grey) and buy sets of socks for them in only that same colour.

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