The New Technology That’s Helping Couples Who Are Struggling with Alcohol Addiction

Soberlink’s alcohol-monitoring technology provides unparalleled accountability and peace of mind.

The New Technology That’s Helping Couples Who Are Struggling with Alcohol Addiction
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It’s no secret that families going through divorce experience increased stress. Division of assets, separation agreements and negotiation of child custody arrangements can be traumatic. When alcohol abuse is added to the mix, the process becomes even more difficult.

Nearly half of people with a history of alcohol addiction get divorced at some point in their lives, and about 10.5 percent of U.S. children under 18 live with a parent with alcohol use disorder. Navigating the divorce process, and ensuring children are safe when in the custody of the parent who struggles with addiction, is where Soberlink comes in.

“I took control of my situation with an alcoholic partner and, when working out custody agreements, his sobriety became a vital part of our children’s safety and well-being,” says a grateful customer. “Using Soberlink to hold my co-parent accountable with proof and reassurance that our children were in a safe, sober and stable home during his custodial time offered great peace of mind. It’s one thing to say you won't drink around the kids, but to prove you are sober is something else entirely. I am so glad I found this device to help our family through an already difficult time.”

Used by over 500,000 people since 2011, Soberlink helps parents regain control and maintain peace when alcohol is involved in a relationship or divorce. This remote, portable and discreet breathalyzer system monitors alcohol use and utilizes cloud-based software with AI to send results in real-time to loved ones. The information is secure and has been used for custody cases in courts across the U.S. and Canada. Soberlink’s data is court-admissible, meaning it is appropriate for use in co-parenting plans and family law to provide peace of mind for child safety or to protect against false allegations of alcohol misuse.

The New Technology That’s Helping Couples Who Are Struggling with Alcohol Addiction

Soberlink can be used in situations such as:

  • parents desiring concrete evidence of a loved one’s sobriety;
  • those seeking confirmation of their spouse’s sober state for personal safety;
  • parents undergoing divorce who need assurance regarding their children's safety with the co-parent; and
  • parents striving to demonstrate their sobriety, whether to mend trust damaged by alcohol issues or to ensure child safety in divorce scenarios involving alcohol.

“Before Soberlink, my credibility had disappeared,” says one customer. “I was a shell of a person as an active alcoholic. With Soberlink, it was no longer just taking my word for it. Soberlink gave me proof. My daughter has her mom back. I’ve been sober for over two years now.”

Soberlink's advanced technology, including facial recognition and tamper detection sensors, makes faking the test nearly impossible and ensures the utmost integrity of each test. Customizable testing schedules with text reminders make it easy to stay on track, and test results sent directly to designated contacts provide tangible proof of sobriety that fosters a sense of security.

The New Technology That’s Helping Couples Who Are Struggling with Alcohol Addiction

How does Soberlink work?


You simply blow into the device, and the results are sent automatically to a secure, web-based portal that notifies the other parent via text or email of the breath test results. The results are also catalogued in an easy-to-read calendar format that can be sent weekly or monthly.

“I have struggled with alcohol abuse since I was 15,” says a devoted customer. “My husband and I decided to try Soberlink to help me stay accountable. This has been the only thing that is a constant reminder of how serious my addiction is and how severe my problems are when I drink. This device has saved me, my marriage and my children from having a mother who is not present in their lives. With Soberlink, I can be there with and for them.”

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This article was originally published on Sep 28, 2023

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