Review: Sailun WSTX Winter Tires

Winter tires not only improve safety when driving through snow, but they also help tires grip the road in sub-zero temperatures and freezing rain.

Review: Sailun WSTX Winter Tires
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BEST FOR Sedans, coupes, crossovers/SUVs

TESTED ON Toyota Camry

TESTED BY The Jewetts, parents to an eight-year-old and 11-year-old

BOTTOM LINE “The WSTX tires provide traction and grip, even in cold, wet conditions.”


  • Made for sedans, coupes and SUVs

  • Specially formulated to stay flexible even in icy and cold conditions

  • The unique-to-Sailun formula offers enhanced grip in low temperatures

  • Ideal for Canadian conditions

  • V-shaped treads reduce sliding

  • Diagonal siping delivers better stability when braking and turning


While some tout all-season tires as good enough to use all year long, Public Safety Canada recommends switching to winter tires to provide control and stability on icy or snow-covered roads. But don’t wait for snow to have your winter tires installed: regular tires start losing elasticity when temperatures drop below 7°C, meaning they lose traction.

That's because summer and all-season tires are generally made with a different rubber compound than winter tires. Winter tires have deeper treads and more slots and sipes (small slits in the tire’s treads that help with grip on slippery surfaces to better enable control on the road).


Sailun’s winter tires are specifically designed and customized for winter weather. The Jewetts tested their tires on a Toyota Camry in a big city and on highways.


  • The tires handle well in wet and cold conditions.

  • They turn easily, without slippage, on slushy roads.

  • There was no trouble braking.


  • The tires were quiet and immediately felt more stable than our previous winter tires.

  • They haven’t affected our car’s fuel economy.

VALUE 8/10

  • These are a great value compared with premium and even mid-range and budget tire brands.


  • Knowing that our tires are formulated specifically for cold climates gives us confidence when driving our family around.


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