Review: Sailun Inspire All-Season Performance Tires

The right tires help keep your family safe on the road. We road-tested these budget-friendly, all-season sedan tires. Find out how they performed.

By Alicia Cox Thomson
Review: Sailun Inspire All-Season Performance Tires
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BEST FOR Cars, crossovers and SUVs


TESTED BY the Clark family, parents of 5-year-old twins

BOTTOM LINE The Inspire tires were comparable to other wallet-friendly brands and slightly better than my current tires. My driving experience saw little change in quality. As a daily commuter, I’d recommend these as a solid value option.” — Ian Clark 


  • Made for cars, crossovers and SUVs, available in 63 rim sizes
  • Engineered to perform well in all weather conditions
  • Composed of Sailun’s proprietary SertaGrip compound, which improves traction and control in wet and dry conditions, and reduces wear and tear
  • Uses SilentTread pattern technology, designed to decrease road noise by using staggered tuning technology and variable pitch sequence for a more quiet, comfortable and safe driving experience
  • Designed with a new sipe technology. Sipes are small cuts in a tire tread pattern that help improve grip in wet or slippery conditions. Inspire tires have 3D multi-sipe technology that can expand and help expel water to increase safety and reduce the risk of hydroplaning


While SUVs and crossovers have increased sales to dominate the auto market in Canada, when it comes to a family car, the smaller sedan is still a smart choice. Sedans use less gas, can be less expensive to purchase, lease or maintain and are easier for some drivers to manoeuvre in tight spaces. They’re also more economical if commuting is part of your daily routine or your family requires a second car. Yes, there’s less storage, but depending on your family’s needs, that may not be an issue. You can fit two car seats of any size, ideal for a family of four.

The Clark family—Ian, Ariane and their five-year-old twins—tested the Sailun Inspire All-Season tire on their second car, which Ian uses daily to commute to work. He drove approximately 700 to 800 km during the testing period and considered performance, safety and quality.

Review: Sailun Inspire All-Season Performance Tires


  • The tires were brand new so they looked and felt good, not too hard or soft to the touch
  • There was little wear after the testing period of 700 to 800 kilometres
  • Braking feel was comfortable
  • Grip was good in both wet and dry conditions


  • Road feel was a bit rougher than normal at the wheel
  • There was nothing negative in my experience with the grip or feel of the tires; the traction was strong and felt safe

VALUE 9/10

  • Depending on your wheel size, Sailun Inspire tires range between $80 to $200 per tire
  • Comes with a limited tread life protection warranty of 120,000 km or five years, whatever comes first, and if there are any defects found within the first year, your tires will be replaced free of charge. (Be sure to read the warranty in full.)
  • From our experience, they seem comparable to other leading tire brands in performance and quality


  • Very quiet performance, I assume due to the SilentTread™ technology. There was a very slight vibration in the wheel at highway speeds, but not much at all
  • When purposefully accelerating quickly around corners on dry roads, I didn’t lose any traction, which was a plus
Review: Sailun Inspire All-Season Performance Tires

Review: Sailun Inspire All-Season Performance Tires

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This article was originally published on Jun 02, 2023

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