Review: Sailun ERANGE tire

Tires designed specifically for electric and hybrid vehicles help optimize range charge time and tread life. Find out how these tires performed in our road test.

By Alicia Cox Thomson
Review: Sailun ERANGE tire
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BEST FOR Cars, crossovers and SUVs


TESTED BY The Osbornes, parents to a 13-year-old daughter

BOTTOM LINE "The ERANGE tires were quiet and performed generally well. They were comparable to our stock tires, which are a higher price point. We felt confident on the road."


  • Made for hybrid and electric sedans and coupes
  • Increased load-bearing capacity to handle the added weight of the electric battery
  • Reinforced sidewall design to improve handling and cornering
  • Designed to reduce rolling resistance, the energy it takes to propel the tire in a continuous circle, which helps increase range before recharge
  • Advanced tread pattern and specially formulated rubber compound designed to withstand the instant torque of electric vehicles and various driving conditions
  • Made with SilentTread™ technology, engineered for a smooth, quiet ride
  • EcoPoint3 Technology developed by Sailun increases time between charges which improves longevity


Even though they’re a relatively small part of the market, electric vehicles (EVs) are continuing to gain sales in Canada. There are several reasons why an EV is a solid choice for the family car, from its appealing environmental record (no gasoline or harmful exhaust) to the storage size available in electric SUVs. 

Electric vehicles differ from their gas-powered counterparts in that they have powerful instant torque, meaning the velocity that propels the car forward is strong due to the electric current that sparks and starts the engine. Higher torque, as well as the extra weight of the electric battery, increases tire wear and tear, so it’s ideal to use a tire formulated specifically for EVs. 


Sailun has created their first tire product line designed, constructed and tested for electric vehicles, the new ERANGE. It's the most advanced tire Sailun has produced using all-new technology that offers longer-lasting, quieter tires. The tires also help cut down on how often your EV needs to be charged. The Osborne family tested these tires on their Tesla 3 sedan in different weather conditions, in a mid-size city and on the highway.


  • Good grip in dry conditions when accelerating and taking corners.
  • Driving range was good, comparable to the tires we were using before, there were no issues with reduced range.
  • There was some slippage when trying to accelerate quickly in very wet conditions.


  • The tires were quiet and I felt confident driving with them. 
  • The tires were comparable to the stock tires that came with the vehicle and performed generally well.

VALUE 8/10

  • The tires seemed to be good quality compared to our current stock tires.
  • When ERANGE becomes more widely available in March 2023, the price per tire will be $180, which is less than the average cost for the tires usually used with EVs.


  • The tires were quiet and the cabin felt quieter. 
  • We were pleased overall with the range the tires afforded our electric vehicle.
Review: Sailun ERANGE tire

Review: Sailun ERANGE tire

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This article was originally published on Aug 11, 2023

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