Review: Sailun Atrezzo TCON All-Season SUV Tires

Designed specifically for SUVs and crossovers, these tires grip the road in all conditions and provide a quiet, safe driving experience.

Review: Sailun Atrezzo TCON All-Season SUV Tires
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BEST FOR SUVs and crossover utility vehicles (CUVs)

TESTED ON A 2009 Hyundai Santa Fe

TESTED BY The Bechtel family, parents to an 18-month-old

BOTTOM LINE “I feel very safe with the Sailun Atrezzo TCON All-Season SUV Tires on my car. I noticed the car handled turns with ease at high speeds and I felt like the tires had better gripping and traction.”


  • Made for SUVs and CUVs
  • Includes Total Control Technology (TCON)
  • TCON uses proprietary rubber compounds that are designed to handle characteristics unique to SUVs
  • Advanced gripping polymers adhere to road surfaces better in wet and dry conditions
  • Wider tread surface area improves weight distribution and reduces tread wear
  • Enhancements to the rims provide better handling and cornering


SUVs and trucks are the most popular vehicle purchases in Canada, outpacing passenger car sales in 2023. Installing tires specifically made for your SUV will improve traction and handling and reduce wear and tear. Sailun has introduced an all-season SUV and CUV tire designed to provide a quiet, smooth and safe driving experience.

The Atrezzo TCON All-Season tires are engineered specifically for SUVs and CUVs to withstand the added weight of a heavier vehicle, as well as the differences in handling and steering that come with that weight. TCON stands for Total Control Technology which uses a proprietary advanced polymer compound to better grip the road: ideal for changing weather year-round.


The Bechtel family tested the Atrezzo TCON tires in wet and dry conditions, on highway commutes and running errands in town.


  • Good tread pattern for an all-season tire
  • No slipping or any issues with braking or turning; I commute on the Sea-to-Sky highway between Whistler and Squamish, and can experience all types of weather
  • These tires felt like they gripped the road very well, especially during heavy rain


  • I didn’t notice any difference in fuel usage
  • I definitely noticed a difference in sound; I found them to be much quieter and the ride a lot smoother

VALUE 9/10

  • I found the quality of the Atrezzo TCON All-Season Tires to be very good for their price point. They are an affordable tire that I felt safe driving my family around on.


  • I really noticed a difference [from] in wet conditions. I commute about an hour each way for work on a mountain highway. The conditions can change drastically, and the rain can be quite heavy. I noticed the car handled turns with ease at high speeds and I felt like the tires had better gripping and traction.
  • The tires performed adequately in a sudden stop.


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