21 (fun!) cake-worthy parenting achievements

When you’re holding down the best but hardest job in the world—parenting—you’ve got to acknowledge even the little wins. And what’s a better reward than a delicious, tasty treat?

By McCain Deep'n Delicious
21 (fun!) cake-worthy parenting achievements
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We all know parenting isn’t really about the big, photo-worthy moments—it’s about all the little wins, especially on the days that seem the longest. Sometimes parents just need to take a second to acknowledge the small victories that make up the messy-but-magical marathon that is raising a family. Deep’n Delicious cakes are perfect for when you need a sweet “Do Not Disturb” moment just between you, your fork and your favourite iconic flavour. Keep some of them in the freezer and you’ll always have a treat ready when you feel like rewarding yourself or—even better—when you want to be a capital-H hero by pulling one out for everyone to enjoy, anytime. Is it Coconut Vanilla before you rush out the door for baseball night, or perhaps some moist chocolatey goodness to brighten up a rainy Saturday afternoon? Whatever your flavour, give yourself a Deep’n Delicious Do Not Disturb reward for any of the below parenting wins! Because you know what? You deserve it.

  1. You saw an enormous mess in the playroom and you just. kept. walking.
  2. You put the kids to bed with only 2.3 meltdowns, all yours.
  3. You got to pee alone!
  4. You actually got the sunscreen on your toddler because you’re definitely a superhero or something.
  5. You spoke to your spouse about something other than 1) who’s doing the daycare drop off 2) where is the stuffed bunny and 3) The Wiggles.
  6. Your kid slept in until 5:47am instead of 5:31am!
  7. Your newborn finally figured out how to latch.
  8. Your newborn finally figured out how to unlatch.
  9. You impressed your six-year-old with some arcane Pokémon facts that you definitely didn’t learn from a TikTok video you just watched in the bathroom.
  10. You had a headache and your kid brought you a bandage to make it all better.
  11. You decided that, actually, it isn’t “a pile of unfolded laundry that never goes away”—it’s art. With a capital A.
  12. Your toddler actually went potty in the potty and he didn’t even try to show it to the guests this time.
  13. It only took you three hours to get everybody ready to leave the house for 45 minutes.
  14. You got your three-year-old to wear something other than the Batman t-shirt he’s been wearing for three days.
  15. You found the remote!
  16. You found the other remote!
  17. Wait? There’s another remote?!
  18. Your six-year-old has been reading a book quietly by herself for an hour.
  19. You got through another day.
  20. You rolled over. Wait—we mean, your BABY rolled over (okay, also you).
  21. You convinced your kids that animal-shaped crackers are way more fun pets than a puppy.

While this list isn’t exhaustive, be sure to find the everyday parenting wins (big or small) in your life—because, let’s be honest, after the year we’ve had, the fact that your kids are still functioning little humans is a win in and of itself—and stock up on all your favourite Deep’n Delicious cakes at your local grocery store.

This article was originally published on Jul 27, 2021

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