The New Gift Registry

No longer only for weddings or baby showers, registries for other celebrations—including the holidays!—means better gifting for everyone in the family

The New Gift Registry
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How many times have your kids received a gift that they didn’t need or, worse, didn’t want, while you hope like heck they understand how to tell a little white lie of gratitude? What about those times when you went shopping for a kid not the same age as yours, with absolutely no idea what to get?

Gift registries are the norm to celebrate weddings and births. But many other life events call for a gift registry moment, and now people are creating them for occasions like birthdays, holidays, housewarmings, and graduations with Amazon Gift Registry. For the gift-giver and recipient alike, registries provide peace of mind that a present will truly be enjoyed, isn’t a duplicate and won’t end up in a pile for Goodwill.

The holiday season in particular can create much gift-related angst for parents. The dread of having to come up with unique and thoughtful gifts for all your loved ones can be overwhelming amid so many holiday to-dos. Plus, who wants to deal with the onslaught of gifts from well-meaning grandparents, acquaintances with different tastes and relatives who think your tween still likes dolls?

So start a new holiday tradition by creating an Amazon Gift Registry for each member of your family. Normalize using and sharing your online registries, and encourage others to do the same. Direct all that gift-giving zeal into presents your family will actually love, and let holiday stress be replaced with moments of true gratitude.

Here are five reasons to consider an Amazon Gift Registry for the holidays or your next special occasion.

The New Gift Registry

Setting up an online gift registry is easy


You might remember registering as hours spent walking down aisles with a scanner, but Amazon Gift Registry is quick and can be done from anywhere. Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Go to and click on “Create a registry or gift list”
  2. Choose what type of event you’re celebrating.
  3. Enter your name and occasion details.
  4. Enter the address you would like gifts shipped to
  5. Note your preference for keeping gifts a surprise or showing what people are giving.
  6. Note if you want your registry public or private
  7. Lastly, start adding gifts!

You can then organize your list by recipient (perfect for a family registry), themes, even colours. Then, once you’ve finished shopping, just share the list with friends and family.

Gifting guesswork is eliminated

Using a gift registry ensures that you and your family get the gifts you want and need, and gifters don’t have to stress over what to get you. You can also avoid duplicates, as gifters can see if someone has already purchased an item. The Amazon Gift Registry is user friendly so even those who are less tech-savvy find it easy to navigate. For those who just can’t choose, they can opt for Amazon gift cards so you can decide what you want later.


Avoid schlepping presents

If your holiday plans involve travel, you know the hassle of packing the car with gifts or worrying they’ll get lost in transit. By registering, you have the option to deliver gifts right to your loved ones, with a personal note and gift wrap if desired. Amazon Gift Registry also makes thoughtful gifting possible for anyone with mobility issues who might find crowded holiday shops difficult.

Thank-yous are a breeze

When you receive multiple gifts at once, there’s always the risk that you don’t quite remember who gave you what. An Amazon Gift Registry tracks who bought what and when they bought it. Alternatively, you can set your preferences to keep it a surprise until the gift arrives.


Returns are painless

No one enjoys standing in a return line only to find out you can’t find your receipt or have missed the return window. With Amazon Gift Registry, all items are already documented so you don’t have to worry about paperwork. Plus, Amazon Gift Registry offers an extended return period of 90 days. Returns are a quick online process without any queuing required. You can even use the box the gift came in.

Ready to get going? Set up your Amazon Gift Registry today with

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The New Gift Registry

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The New Gift Registry

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The New Gift Registry

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The New Gift Registry

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The New Gift Registry

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The New Gift Registry

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This article was originally published on Oct 26, 2023

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