Easy loot bag ideas that kids love

Get the birthday party started—or, well, ended—with these exciting loot bag fillers.

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Loot bag, grab bag, swag bag, goody bag. Whatever you call them, party favours sure are fun to dole out. You certainly won’t be wanting for options when you visit Mastermind Toys in-store or online. The iconic Canadian retailer offers an array of exciting toys, big and small for old or young. And they’re loaded up with unique loot bag ideas to accommodate any party type. Here are nine recommendations to get you started. 

Mastermind Toys 7” Neon Rainbow Playground Ball

Neon trends eternally, so give the gift of bounce. Parents will get a nostalgic blast from their past, while party guests will cop a thrill from the nice palm-sized playground ball. Throw it, drop it or bop it around and a rainbow streak of purple, pink, orange, yellow, green and blue will follow in its wake. Maybe include sunglasses, too. 

Mastermind Toys 7” Neon Rainbow Playground Ball, $10, mastermindtoys.com

Squishville Mini Squishmallow Mystery

Have you ever seen a narwhal in an argyle cardigan? What about a penguin with a bowtie? You never know which two-inch Squishmallow squishy you’ll find with these mini mystery packs. The fun starts with a surprise—which of the 24 plushies and fashion accessories is inside?—followed by fun as kids build their super-squeezy Squishville world. 

Squishville Mini Squishmallow Mystery, $8 each, mastermindtoys.com

Fubbles® Bubble Party 6 Pack

Is it even a party if there aren’t bubbles? Perfectly portioned six to a pack, these colourful bottles of sudsy fun are non-toxic, dye-free and made from a premium solution to ensure a satisfying POP.

Fubbles® Bubble Party 6 Pack, $9, mastermindtoys.com

Mastermind Toys Gift Card, $5.00

The gift of choice is a nice addition to a loot bag. Along with a fun eraser or a lolli, throw in a Mastermind Toys gift card. There are plenty of treats in the $5 range that are ready for the choosing both online and in-store. Plus, you get to pick from three different card themes.

Mastermind Toys Gift Card, $5.00, mastermindtoys.com

Mastermind Toys Small Popper Keychain 

Who doesn’t love a sensory toy? Perfect for hanging from backpacks or even jacket zipper pulls, this bubbled silicone square keychain is addictive to push in and out. Simulating something along the lines of bubble wrap, it can go anywhere and makes no annoying sounds. Parents say “yay!” 

Mastermind Toys Small Popper Keychain Marble Orange/Green/Yellow, $5, mastermindtoys.com


Mastermind Toys Dinosaur Print Umbrella 18″ 

Loot bag items that are cute are great. Loot bag items that are useful are great. Loot bag items that are cute and useful? The best. Give guests this scaly dino umbrella as a parting gift. Its smooth-open, non-pinching design and child-sized curved handle will sustain long after the party ends.

Mastermind Toys Dinosaur Print Umbrella 18″, $14, mastermindtoys.com 

Squish Dinosaur Small Bag Candy

They may not have had candy in prehistoric times, but these sour-gummy prehistoric pals are living in the future. Each pack comes with a range of raspberry, strawberry, lemon, lime and orange that have a teeny sour bite, but aren’t too pucker-inducing for party animals to handle. 

Squish Dinosaur Small Bag Candy, $7, mastermindtoys.com 

Crayola Washable Sidewalk Chalk Unicorn Horns

Regular sidewalk chalk, meet unicorn sidewalk chalk. Adding a bit of magic to outdoor play, the horn-shaped chalk is a swirl of colours and come three-to-a-pack. Water washes away the art, but that’s ok, it’s an opportunity to create something else legendary.

Crayola Washable Sidewalk Chalk Unicorn Horns, $6, mastermindtoys.com 

Squish Unicorn Love Small Bag Candy

If sour dino candies aren’t your party aesthetic, opt for something decidedly more enchanting. Like these chewy unicorn gummies from Canadian brand, Squish. Each bag is deliciously fresh with raspberry, strawberry, lemon and apple flavours tucked inside.

Squish Unicorn Love Small Bag Candy, $7, mastermindtoys.com 

Can’t decide what to buy or are short on time? Choose a theme, decide on a budget and share the ages of your party guests with the staff at Mastermind Toys and they’ll customize and assemble your loot bags for you. 

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