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How I keep my bath-loving kids’ skin from drying out

Sheridan Ingalls is a mom of three who is raising water babies on the East Coast. Here’s her secret to keeping their skin—even baby Sage’s—soft and supple year-round.

By Sheridan Ingalls
How I keep my bath-loving kids’ skin from drying out
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I remember the very first time I put my daughter, Kaia, who is now six years old, in the bath. Kaia’s name is derived from the ocean, so I was set on getting her to love the water as much as my husband, Matt, and I do. She looked around at the water in amazement, and for a baby that was colicky to turn quiet as a mouse felt like quite the accomplishment.

When my son Theodore, now 4, had his first bath, it was much of the same, although this time Kaia was in there with him showing him the ropes. He watched her play with the cups and pour water onto his feet while she splashed around, squealing with joy.

When I had our 14-month-old, Sage, I was convinced there would not be enough room for all three of them in there, but boy was I wrong. Kaia and Theodore somehow managed to wiggle their bodies into position with Sage’s tub right in the middle of them in the big tub. They were determined to enjoy Sage’s first bath with him—and I’m so glad that they did. Matt and I watched from the sidelines as our three kids bonded over bath time and we high-fived each other for creating exactly what we were hoping for: water babies.

With bath time comes bath routines, and over the past six months, we have been using the Bioderma Atoderm line of products. To put it not-even-remotely lightly, I’m obsessed with it. There are a few reasons why, but let’s start with the basics.

How I keep my bath-loving kids’ skin from drying out

Every person in our family can use it

I love that everyone, from Matt and myself to baby Sage, can safely use the products. It saves me the hassle of buying products specifically geared toward kids or babies, but it still provides me with amazing results.

It’s available at Shoppers Drug Mart

Although the formula seems luxurious and premium, it is listed at a very affordable price point, which I can super-appreciate while shopping for a family of five—whenever and wherever I can save money, I will. Plus, going to my local Shoppers Drug Mart to get it versus needing to order online or find a premium store saves me time.

 The products feel great

The Atoderm Cleansing Oil and Intensive Balm offer unique textures. The oil isn’t greasy and the ultra-soothing, rich balm absorbs so quickly into our skin and keeps it hydrated for a whole 24 hours.

It helps soothes even the most sensitive skin

If anyone in your family has sensitive skin, it is fantastic to use on them. Both of my boys have a slight case of eczema, and incorporating the oil and the balm into their routine has eradicated their eczema completely.

It’s dermatologist tested


The fact that it’s approved by dermatologists gives us that extra boost of confidence in the product line—especially when using it on our little guy (once he was six months old and it was safe to do so).

As a mom of three, using products that I trust on my children is very important to me. I was pleased as punch when I discovered the Bioderma line and will be using it for the rest of time. It took me a while to discover a product that I knew would be a hit for both me and the kids, but it sure was worth the wait.

How I keep my bath-loving kids’ skin from drying out

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