Hush Little Baby

Think sleep hygiene is just for grownups? Set your baby (and yourself!) up for sleep success with this handy checklist.

Every parent will agree: getting your new baby into a healthy and happy sleep schedule is crucial. Start with these tips, tricks and tools for a safe, restful snooze.

Keep it cool. The room your baby is sleeping in should be kept between 20 and 22 degrees Celcius.

Darken the room. Blackout curtains will block any light from getting in and disturbing your baby’s sleep. Look for portable ones, too, if you’re going to be travelling.

Establish a routine. A calming bath and relaxing massage will help soothe your baby and signal that it’s bedtime. Make sure to use an absorbent night-time diaper, too.

Get cozy. Remember no pillows, blankets or stuffies in with your baby. Instead, opt for a sleep sack to keep them safe and warm.

Muffle sounds. A soothing machine that plays soft relaxing music or white noise will lull your baby to sleep and block out startling and unwanted sounds. Try Myla the Monkey from VTech, with 10 songs and sounds and a soft, dimmable light. Its rechargeable battery makes it great for on-the-go soothing, too – just hook it on a stroller handle or car seat!

Keep watch! A good monitor lets you keep eyes and ears on your baby and gives you peace of mind. Try the VTech VM5251 Full Colour Video and Audio Monitor featuring a high-resolution, 5-inch colour LCD screen, a talk-back feature so your baby can hear your voice and even a temperature indicator that lets you know if you need to adjust.

Caffeine can go through your breastmilk and keep your baby wide awake, so be mindful of your intake.

Learn more at phones.vtechcanada.com/babymonitors

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