How to watch all your favourite shows and movies in one place with Optik TV

Now your TV and your streaming services are all in one place and it’s a game changer.

How to watch all your favourite shows and movies in one place with Optik TV

We’ve come a long way from the days when the entire family huddled around one 20-inch TV screen, feverishly adjusting the bunny ears to get clear reception for that one must-see show of the week.

These days, we’re blessed with enough options that there’s a different “must-see” for everyone in the household—and about as many different platforms, channels and streaming services you need to have access to watch them all. It can be overwhelming (so many logins to remember!), confusing—and expensive.

Enter Optik TV: The only place you can bundle your favourite entertainment options, from cable to streaming, in one place and all on one bill.

What is Optik TV?

Powered by TELUS, Optik TV lets you customize exactly what you want in an entertainment package without paying for multiple subscription services. Available to customers in British Columbia and Alberta, Optik TV is also the only provider in Canada that includes Netflix or hayu or Crave+Movies+HBO in packages, at no additional cost.*  And there are even more streaming services coming in 2020!

How does bundling with Optik TV work?

You can either select from 300+ channel options individually, or mix-and-match from 40 theme packs. Sports lover in the house? The “TSN & Beyond” pack will make sure they never miss a live game. Can’t live without your pop culture fix? “Style & Culture” has all your favourite channels covered. Are Moana, Ana and friends always on call in your household? Add “Disney Time” theme to your cart, ASAP. Combine that with the option to add your favourite streaming services (including hayu for fans of all the Real Housewives) to your bundle.

What shows are available on Optik TV?

Optik TV has the most channel options (and the most in 4K!) of any provider, so they’ve got every member of the family’s taste catered for. From HGTV to DejaView, TreeHouseTV to SportsNet, there’s a custom bundle for every Love It Or List It/Blossom/Max & Ruby/hockey-loving bunch out there. Optik TV Also has the largest PVR capacity of any provider, so you won’t have to delete your shows before you get around to watching them.

Why else should my family think about getting Optik TV?

Consolidating into a package like Optik TV is a great option as your entertainment needs change, with kids growing into teenagers and viewing habits evolving (the Optik TV app is a great option for anyone who commutes.) Those channels you used to love might no longer have the shows you want to watch, or your priorities have changed and you’d rather allocate the budget spend to entertainment the whole family can use. Either way, it’s worth considering the option that lets you have everything you love in one place—and that’s Optik TV.


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*Conditions apply. See for details.

This article was originally published on Jan 27, 2020

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