Why Taking Family Photos Isn't as Easy as 1-2-3

And what HERSHEY'S is doing to help.

Why Taking Family Photos Isn't as Easy as 1-2-3
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Displaying family photos at home has been shown to strengthen a child’s sense of connection to their family and develop a deeper feeling of belonging. But these photos aren’t just beneficial to kids: they can also help adults to feel calm, remember happy memories and fight loneliness. So why are family photos so hard to capture? And how is HERSHEY’S going to help?

According to new research by HERSHEY’S, 72 percent of parents say that getting their families together for photos is a challenge, and Canadians estimate that only a third of the photos they take include the whole family. Take a look at the photos on your smartphone. How many family photos include you?

It’s no surprise that primary caregivers show up in fewer photos; they’re usually behind the camera. But kids want to see their parents in photos, and as they grow up, they’re not going to want to look back on snapshots of just themselves. They’ll want to see how their families grew and changed over time.

Why we don't take more family photos

You may blame the trend toward fewer family portraits on selfie culture and smartphones, but HERSHEY’S reveals that the reason so few group photos are taken is very simple: more than half of respondents say that they don’t have anyone to take their family photos.

So the confection company known for creating moments of goodness is proposing a solution. They want to turn Family Day—the holiday that lands on the third Monday in February—to Family Photo Day. And, to make snapping those family photos that much easier, they have created a limited-edition chocolate box that easily transforms into a tripod that will make snapping those family photos so much easier. Canadians can enter for a chance to win the box-turned tripod on Instagram.

“The vast majority of parents say that just looking at family photos can help strengthen both a child’s sense of connection to their family—and a parent’s sense of self,” says Paloma Bentes, Marketing Director, Hershey Canada. “But for today’s busy families, it’s not as easy as it sounds to capture sweet moments with everyone together. That’s why we’re inviting every Canadian family—no matter their Family Day plans—to take a moment this long weekend to capture a sweet memory together.”

Tips for taking great family photos

  • Act natural. Don’t pretend to be supermodels. Smile, hug and play together, and you’ll be happy with the results.
  • Face the sun. Natural light is always best and if you’re facing the light, you won’t have as many shadows. If it’s not sunny, use a bright lamp and turn your faces toward it.
  • Find a good backdrop. Don’t stand up against a blank wall. Go outside or simply cuddle on your couch. Colour and texture will add to the portrait.

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