How Diaper Genie Is Evolving—and Why You’ll Want to Add It to Your Registry

This durable and stylish stainless-steel pail will be appearing in gift registries and shopping carts everywhere.

How Diaper Genie Is Evolving—and Why You’ll Want to Add It to Your Registry
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Surviving sleepless nights, learning how to interpret a baby’s cries, and choosing just the right name—some parts of parenthood are universally difficult. Diaper changes shouldn’t be one of them.

Since the 1990s, Diaper Genie® has been making diaper disposal a little easier and a lot less smelly for new parents and seasoned pros alike. That’s why it’s the No. 1 selling brand of diaper pails* for keeping diapers and odours out of sight and nurseries smelling fresh.

Diaper Genie is a complete disposal system housed in an elegant design. Scents are well-contained, thanks to advanced odour-locking technology that stores diapers away. Dirty diapers are stored compactly until the entire pail is ready to be emptied.

The company’s first stainless-steel model, the Diaper Genie® Platinum Pail, is made to offer parents the ultimate in convenience and odour control. Featuring odour-locking clamps, the pail effectively contains scents from messy diapers within its sleek, durable and stylish stainless-steel body.

Here are five more reasons why expecting parents should add the Platinum Pail to their baby registry and why parents of toddlers should consider upgrading as their families grow.


The Platinum Pail is crafted from stainless steel, which means it can withstand frequent wear-and-tear and is easy to clean. At 68cm, the sleek pail can hold a surprising number of diapers—up to 47 that are newborn-sized—thereby reducing the need for frequent emptying. Less time hauling dirty diapers out and refilling the pail means more time soaking in precious moments with your baby.

Easy to Use

As all parents of young children know, anything that can be done single-handedly is a win. The Platinum Pail features a foot pedal to effortlessly open and close the lid, and the wide square opening makes one-handed diaper disposal a breeze—even when those diapers are extra full.

How Diaper Genie Is Evolving—and Why You’ll Want to Add It to Your Registry

Calming Colours

The Diaper Genie Platinum Pail comes available in three neutral hues that will go with any decor. Choose from calming colours: lily white, stone grey and glacial blue. Whatever your style, the Platinum Pail’s clean, modern lines look great in every home.

Long-Lasting Easy Roll Refills


When it comes to odour-trapping technology, it’s what’s inside that counts too! One of the most exciting features of the Platinum Pail is its compatibility with Diaper Genie’s Easy Roll™ refills. Made from a durable, multi-layer film, each bag in the cartridge roll is perforated for a quick pull-apart and features a unique tapered design for easy emptying. This innovative refill system can hold up to 846 newborn-sized diapers and features Diaper Genie’s odour-locking barrier technology that prevents odours from escaping.

Uses Less Plastic

For many parents, the use of disposable diapers over the years can feel like creating a mountain of waste. It’s for that reason that Diaper Genie’s durable stainless-steel pail appeals to a growing number of eco-conscious households as a durable investment that reduces plastic, one diaper pail at a time. What’s more? Each Easy Roll refill is equivalent to three of Diaper Genie’s round refills, which also translates to less plastic being used. That’s math that makes sense for the planet.

The Diaper Genie Platinum Pail is the ultimate gift for parents expecting their first baby and a thoughtful gift for parents with more than one child in diapers. Families deserve time spent soaking up precious moments with their little ones, not worrying about unpleasant scents. The Diaper Genie Platinum Pail not only makes diaper changes a breeze but keeps mess and odours out of sight and homes smelling fresh.

*Angelcare calculation based on Answers On Demand for the Diaper Pail Category for 52 weeks ending 09.10.2022 time period. © 2023, Nielsen Consumer LLC.

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