Compliments to the chef: Six home cooks on words to butter them up

Contest alert! Honour the “chef” in your life and use these 'Compliments' as inspiration to bring home the bacon: a $5,000 Sobeys gift card.

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Compliments to the chef: Six home cooks on words to butter them up
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Giving your “compliments to the chef” need not be reserved for trendy white-tablecloth restaurants. Everyday home cooks deserve some love, too.

That’s why Sobeys Inc.’s own brand, Compliments, which has been supplying families with quality food products without compromise since 1993, is encouraging Canadians to show appreciation for the chefs in their life with a chance to win a grand prize, a gift card worth $5,000. Entering is easy: Follow the @Compliments_CA Instagram or Facebook page, like the post, tag a friend and pay them a compliment before April 6, 2022.

Hot tip: giving a compliment is easy on Instagram. Simply open the sticker menu, search “Compliments” and select a customized sticker to send to a loved one.

To help spread the love, Compliments went straight to the source and asked six home cooks across Canada to share the most memorable praise they’ve received for a meal. It turns out that giving a meaningful compliment is as easy as cooking with the Compliments portfolio of products, featuring everything from fresh produce and chicken to frozen treats and pantry staples. Sometimes the simplest compliments have the greatest impact.

For inspiration, motivation and feel-good (not to mention taste-good) moments, here are six home cooks on the Compliments dishes and family praise that brought them joy:

Michelle (@intl_peach)

“The greatest compliments I receive is from my very picky daughter—when she told me that my banana bread is 'yum, Mama!' I know it's good and brings me so much joy!”


Kara (@scaleandtailor)

“My love language is feeding people so when my son says, ‘Wow, Mom, this is the best dinner I've ever had,’ it’s like they are giving me a big hug and saying, ‘Mom, I love you too.’ My BBQ sausage is always a crowd favourite around here.”

Stacey (@staceykasdorf)

“When I first married my husband, I would make a buffalo chicken lasagna for him and his hockey teammates. All of my husband’s teammates would say it tasted like the best home-cooked meal. After receiving this compliment, I wanted to keep cooking for them and it gave me the motivation and confidence to try new recipes.”


Andy (@andyseastcoastkitchen_)

“You make cooking so much fun. This compliment always makes me happy and want to continue sharing my recipes, like this fried chicken sandwich—a tried-and-true classic.”

Aiyna (@milansmama_)


“I made shakshuka for my husband one day and he told me that it was better than any brunch restaurant we've been to. He was so excited that we could make this at home that we don't go out for brunch these days. Compliments like this make me so happy and give me the confidence to continue trying new recipes."

Lisa (@lisa.eats)

“My family always says they can feel my heart and love going into the food. Receiving this compliment from my husband on my lemon butter cod made me feel so happy and I wanted to keep cooking it for him.”


The Compliments portfolio of affordable and quality products can make everything from banana bread and BBQ sausage to shakshuka and lemon butter cod your next great household meal. Plus, your family doesn’t need to go far for other everyday household essentials, including baby items, pet supplies, medications, beauty products and more.

Compliments products are available across the country at Sobeys, Safeway, FreshCo, Thrifty Foods, Foodland, IGA West and online via Voilà. To learn more visit

This article was originally published on Mar 29, 2022

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