6 reasons MadeGood snacks are a great choice for eco-conscious families

The innovative Canadian company is producing delicious food while also protecting the planet.

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6 reasons MadeGood snacks are a great choice for eco-conscious families
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Embracing a greener, more sustainable approach to living is becoming increasingly important—and popular—for many Canadian families, be it adopting eco-friendly habits such as recycling and composting, or taking steps to conserve water and electricity around the house.

Seeking out environmentally aware brands when shopping for groceries is another great way to make smart, eco-conscious choices, and parents looking for nutritious, delicious snacks that are as good for themselves and their kids as they are for the planet need look no further than MadeGood.

Founded in 2013 by siblings Nima, Salma and Sahba Fotovat, MadeGood is a Canadian company as dedicated to creating tasty treats—from granola bars and cereal to cookies, crackers and more—as it is to caring for the environment. From their ingredients and suppliers to their packaging and business practices, MadeGood has eco-consciousness baked into everything they do.

Here are six reasons MadeGood snacks are a great choice for eco-savvy families:


MadeGood products are certified organic

No need to worry about potentially harmful—to humans, wildlife or the environment—pesticides or chemicals in MadeGood snacks: MadeGood products are all certified organic, and the ingredients are sourced from organic farmers and suppliers. Plus, their products are non-GMO, vegan, kosher and “Top-8-free,” meaning they don’t contain any of the eight most common allergens (including eggs, peanuts, wheat and soy), so they’re safe for everyone to enjoy!

MadeGood is a certified B Corporation®

When it comes to responsible, eco-conscious business practices, certified B Corporations lead the pack, using their profits and growth to promote good. B Corps such as MadeGood meet the highest standards of verifiable social and environmental responsibility, allowing them to help reshape what “good business” looks like and build a more sustainable economy.

MadeGood is Future Fit and certified TRUE Zero Waste

Being a B Corp is fantastic, and MadeGood is going even further, becoming a Future-Fit Pioneer and using the criteria of the Future Fit Benchmark to ensure their business does not cause any harm to the planet or society. As well, MadeGood is a proudly certified TRUE Zero Waste business—and only the third company in Canada to earn that distinction!

MadeGood is committed to sustainability

“Sustainability” isn’t just a catchy buzzword to MadeGood. The health of the planet is a key consideration in all their decisions, and sustainability is a core pillar in their operations: 90 percent of MadeGood’s waste is reused, recycled, composted, and/or recovered for use in nature and the economy; one of their offices is entirely paperless; and the company has published its own sustainability report to track and share their efforts.

MadeGood is reducing their emissions


Greenhouse gases are a big contributor to climate change, and MadeGood is continually evolving their operations to reduce their greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions and shrink their carbon footprint. MadeGood’s current plans: cutting their scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions by 42% by 2030, and, in 2022, measuring—then setting new reduction targets for—their scope 3 GHG emissions, as well.

MadeGood supports young environmentalists

More and more kids are getting involved in fighting climate change, and one of the many ways MadeGood gives back to society and the planet is through their new Unwreck the Future initiative, which supports young eco-activists in Canada and abroad. Unwreck the Future provides its “crew members” with financial and product donations for events and non-profit organizations in their communities, helping them build greater awareness about—and participation in—environmental causes.

Unwreck the Future’s ambitious and far-reaching objectives centre around creating a better, healthier, more equitable society. As the above video illustrates, food insecurity is the priority in the program’s first year, and MadeGood is inviting young activists to become Un-wrecking Crew recruits and to upload a one-minute video of their own, outlining how they’re addressing the issue in their communities. Click here to apply!

To learn more about MadeGood, their products and their mission, visit!

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