5 Adorable ways to take care of you and your child

One of Canada’s strongest growing vitamin brands for kids and moms-to-be is adding a new product to its offering. Here are the top five products and how they can help support your kids’ health.

By Wampole Adorable
5 Adorable ways to take care of you and your child
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Mothers play such an important role in their children’s lives. It’s all about nurturing the body and mind from the very start with love… and food and nutrients that are essential for children of all ages to grow and flourish.

Wampole knows all about nurturing the body, too. The company developed its first supplement syrup product over 125 years ago. Today, it continues to help families take care of their health with a wide range of natural products, composed of natural active ingredients, including the Adorable supplements line, their brand to support every step of a mom’s journey.

Too little known for too long, Adorable products have been available in Canada for many years. They’re specially formulated for a mother-to-be from the time she decides to have a baby to supporting the baby’s growth from birth to adolescence. Adorable brand products are natural health products approved by Health Canada.

Here are 5 important vitamins and minerals recommended by Adorable and how they can help both you and your child.


Help support your growing baby

For moms-to-be, folic acid helps to reduce the risk of neuronal tube defects. Since this risk is at its highest in the early weeks of pregnancy, folic acid is recommended to be taken daily at least three months before becoming pregnant and during early pregnancy. The newest addition to the brands portfolio, Adorable Folic Acid is an easy-to-swallow tablet that is gluten, sugar and preservative free.

Help support their immune function

Vitamin D helps babies and children with the maintenance of good health and the development of bones and teeth. It also helps to support immune function. A liquid formulation like Adorable Vitamin D Drops 400 IU makes it easy to ingest for newborn babies and kids up to 13 years old. Plus, the drops are odourless and tasteless. For babies, put a drop on the mother’s breast or pacifier or bottle nipple and let the baby suckle for 30 seconds. For older children, mix the drop into juice or water or drop directly into the mouth.

Help them stay on track developmentally

A wide range of vitamins helps the growth and development of children from an early age. They work together to help children grow strong bones, cartilage, teeth and gums, and they support the immune system. For children between the ages of one and 13, easily stir Adorable Multivitamins Liquid into water or any juice, a perfect morning add-on. The formulation contains 13 nutrients and is flavoured with natural peach flavour.

Help them build strong bones

Calcium is a mineral that helps to build strong bones and teeth as children grow up. Bones hold onto most of the calcium in the body, and children need up to 30 percent more than adults every day1. For children and teenagers from ages one to 18, add Adorable Calcium Liquid to water or fruit juice and stir. It has a tasty natural fruit punch flavour.

Help develop their healthy brains


Omega-3s are fatty acids that help support the healthy development of the brain—and they also help support the development of eyes, nerves and cardiovascular health. Adorable Omega-3 Liquid is for children (1-8 years) and teenagers (9-18 years), mix it with water or fruit juice. The formulation has a natural citrus flavour.

For more information about these and the whole Adorable lineup of products, visit their website.

For all supplements, it is important to follow dosage and usage recommendations on the package.

Adorable products are available at your local pharmacy section of Rexall, IDA-Guardian, Medicine Shoppe, Remedy’s Rx, Sobeys, Safeway, Thrifty Foods, Lawtons, Metro, Food Basic, London Drugs, Value Drug Mart, Fed-COOP and local independent pharmacies, as well as online at and


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