4 types of kids who will love drinkable yogurt

Stonyfield Organic Kids drinkable yogourt appeals to all kinds of kids—from the active one who bounces on the walls to the green warrior who's environmentally conscious. Here's why.

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4 types of kids who will love drinkable yogurt
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It’s no secret that every child’s eating habits are unique—between likes, dislikes, routines and quirks, no two are exactly alike. The real secret? Finding nutritious and delicious options to feed growing minds and bodies, satisfy hunger and earn an enthusiastic thumbs-up from pint-sized food critics of all stripes. It can be challenging, especially for busy parents whose proverbial plates are already full.

Enter: Stonyfield Organic Kids Drinkable Yogourt. Sweet, fruity and tasty, it satisfies a slew of criteria for kid-approved food. Here are four types of kids who could easily become instant fans:

The on-the-go dynamo

Between sports, recitals, hobbies, playdates, homework and all manner of activities, life never stops—or even slows down much—for this type of energetic kid, who thrives on being active, finding (mis)adventure... or just bouncing off the walls waiting for the skies to clear on a rainy day. Who has time to sit a table and eat?! This kind of on-the-go dynamo needs food that’s quick, convenient and portable: all of which apply to Stonyfield Organic Kids Drinkable Yogourt.


The green tween

Being ecologically and environmentally conscious is no longer solely the domain of adults: These days, kids of all ages are taking an interest in the planet and parents are helping them making informed choices, which includes opting for organic foods. Stonyfield Organic Kids Drinkable Yogourt is the first certified organic kids’ drinkable yogourt in available in Canada— it’s made with real organic fruits, and 100% of the milk used in Stonyfield products comes from Canadian organic dairy farms.

The sweet seeker

Forget having a “sweet tooth”—these types of confection-craving kids boast robust sets of sweet teeth. Whether it’s cookies at recess, a chocolate bar at the park, some gummies on the way to practice or a bowl of ice cream for dessert once dinner’s done, “something sweet” is always their treat-seeking default. Stonyfield Organic Kids Drinkable Yogourt delivers the sought-after sweetness kids want, and the nutrition-label fact—it’s low in sugar (only 4g per bottle!)—parents like.

The tiny trendsetter

Maybe it’s making a video that goes viral. Maybe it’s learning to roller skate or code or play bridge. Or maybe it’s just eagerly tasting food they’ve never had before. Whatever the literal or figurative leap, these savvy young independent thinkers and fearless eaters happily take it—if it’s new, different or exciting, they want in. Even better if it combines all three, like Stonyfield Organic Kids Drinkable Yogourt does! It’s a deliciously different way for kids to enjoy yogourt—and that’s pretty exciting.

4 types of kids who will love drinkable yogurt

Why Stonyfield Organic Kids Drinkable Yogourt?


Boasting all those qualities and more, Stonyfield Organic Kids Drinkable Yogourt is a convenient and perfectly portable snack for busy parents while they are on-the-go. Moreover, it’s also the first certified Organic kids’ drinkable yogourt in Canada!

Stonyfield Organic Kids Drinkable Yogourt is produced in Canada, using only 100% Canadian organic milk and real organic fruit. The Canada Organic logo gives you confidence that products adhere to strict Canadian organic procedures and rules. Plus, it’s kosher, gelatin-free and can satisfy even the finickiest little sweet tooth while remaining low in sugar (only 4g per bottle).

Stonyfield Organic Kids Drinkable Yogourt is nutritious and delicious, and a great lunchbox addition, after-school snack or take-along food for whatever family fun is on deck. Look for it in the dairy section of your local supermarket!

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This article was originally published on Aug 18, 2021

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