16 kid-friendly Farm Boy faves to make your holiday traditions even sweeter

There’s a lot on your plate during the holidays. Farm Boy is keen to lend a hand with ready-to-serve treats and snacks.

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A glass of milk sits next to a small stack of chocolate chip cookies and a package of Farm Boy chocolate chip cookies

The thought of running errands during the holidays doesn’t have to induce stress. Release your white-knuckle grip on the cart because Farm Boy has aisles of holiday helpers in the form of thoughtful products and festive flavours to sweeten the season. Many play double duty, working as stockings stuffers and treat tray fillers. Little ones in tow should keep their eyes peeled for Mikey the Monkey. He’s hanging around somewhere. Can you spot him? 

Grab some cocoa 

A cup of rich, creamy cocoa is a decadent sip the whole family will enjoy after outdoor winter fun, during cozy movies and while trimming the tree. Farm Boy Chocolate Truffle Hot Cocoa is made with no artificial flavours or preservatives. The vegan formula combines Dutch cocoa, natural cane sugar and a touch of sea salt. All you have to do is add water and a splash of your fave milk or milk substitute. Grab a few. These tins make great stocking and gift basket fillers. $3.99

Good tidings of fudge 

There’s something about a small square of sweet, rich fudge melting in your mouth, isn’t there? All Farm Boy Fudge is handcrafted in small batches, the way good fudge should be. This year there are two holiday-exclusive flavours to try: Eggnog Fudge and Candy Cane Fudge. Eggnog fudge is creamy and spicy just like the holiday drink, while Candy Cane assumes a cool-mint persona. It’s a blend of soft fudge studded with bits of peppermint goodness. Save them for the stocking or cut up a few blocks to add to your holiday baking tins. Fudge is for all occasions. $5.99

Delectable holiday gelato 

A container of Farm Boy Egg Nog Gelato

Gelato just hits differently. More intense and silkier than ice cream, gelato is made in small batches with a higher milk content and a slower churn. To elevate an already indulgent experience, delectable Chocolate Egg Nog Gelato and Gingerbread Gelato are here for a limited time. Our recommendation? A scoop of each in that mug of cocoa. The holidays are for indulgences, after all. $5.99

Better than homemade

Store-bought cookies so chewy and tender that you could pass them off as homemade? That’s what’s in every bag of Chocolate Chip Cookies ($3.99). Soft-baked and hand-packed using a recipe that took five years to develop, these buttery-chocolatey biscuits are perfection with a scoop of Chocolate Egg Nog Gelato sandwiched between them. If you crave European-style markets, go for the new Farm Boy Mini Stroopwafles ($3.99). They’re bite-sized layers of thin waffle and caramelly goodness. Farm Boy Plant-Based Sugar Cookies ($5.99) and Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies ($5.99), which are also gluten- and nut-free, are perfect for those with dietary restrictions but good enough that everyone will enjoy them. 

Christmas Day nibbles

Farm Boy Egg Nog Cruffie

Ever heard of a Cruffie? It’s a genius cross between buttery, flaky croissants and tender, tasty muffins. The new Farm Boy Eggnog Cruffies ($4.99have a delicate nog-inspired custard filling that pairs well with your morning coffee. 

Grazing goals

Farm Boy chocolate covered almonds

The power of choice is important to kids. Ahead of the winter holiday, stock up on a multitude of nibbles. Himalayan Pink Salt Popcorn ($4.99) is popped in coconut oil, then tossed in the pink granules. Sweet + salty? Go for Chocolate Covered Almonds. Available in Milk, Dark, Caramel and Maple chocolate, they come ready for a stocking or host gift. Try adding the popcorn and a variety of chocolate almonds to a giant snack bowl for the ultimate handful. 

This article was originally published on Dec 06, 2021

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