One of Our Fave Toniebox Characters is Over 40% Off Today!

One of Our Fave Toniebox Characters is Over 40% Off Today!


If you love deals and storytime, you're going to go ga-ga when you hear this news. Today, March 2, you can take over 40% off the Peppa Pig Bundle with Toniebox. Choose from either a light blue or a light pink Toniebox and watch your little one's eyes light up with joy when they open it.

The sale is a massive opportunity for parents and caregivers to scoop up this literacy-focused, bestselling learning toy for little ones. Heck, we even think it's one of the best Easter gifts for kids this year. And if you love a good deal, here's how to get your totally free Amazon Baby Registry welcome box brimming with over $35 in baby gear.

What is a Toniebox?

A Toniebox is a screen-free storytime box that gives little ones a way to hear their favorite stories, songs and more in a fun-to-interact with little package. It's designed for toddlers and little kids ages three and up, offering a genius way to keep kids entertained and eager to learn.

We love that it combines thoughtful listening with an early introduction to literacy. Parents rave about how useful these little story gadgets are for keeping kids entertained on rainy days between indoor games and rounds of Go Fish. It's a mind-growing alternative to hours of screentime. Kids can listen quietly as they drift off, or alongside friends and other activities.

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The best Toniebox characters and features

We're obviously partial to the Peppa Pig Toniebox offering, but there are plenty of other Toniebox characters to love. You see, the characters are the core part of the experience for little ones. Each hand-painted figurine-style Tonie represents a story or song.

Kids snap their Toniebox characters onto the top of the box to swap out their listening experience. They can choose from tried-and-true favorites like Lightning McQueen—a top-ranked favorite on Amazon—or Moana. Popular movie characters and imported television pigs aside, there are even mindfulness Tonies that teach kids about the power of being calm. Neat, eh?

No Wifi is necessary after the initial setup process, and there's even a headphone jack. That means this toy is a brilliant choice for long road trips, flights and adventures away from home. While Tonieboxes are designed for kids ages three and up, plenty of eager Amazon reviewers say they're great for younger children, too.


"My son is under 3," writes one five-star reviewer, "He's only two and a half, but he can't stop listening to these stories and feeling like a champ for getting the magnets to snap onto the box. He's learning to sit and listen for bursts of 10 minutes at a time or so, just enough for me to eat lunch in peace, and practice his fine motor skills. Love this thing!"

How to turn a Toniebox off

Turning your Toniebox on and off is easy-peasy! Seriously, this thing is designed for little kids. Once a story is finished or you remove a Tonie character from the box, the Toniebox automatically shuts itself down after 10 minutes. There's nothing more you need to do—it's really that easy.

If you want to turn it back on, just give one of the Toniebox ears a wee little pinch. You know, like a preschooler might. That'll activate a little LED light and turn it back on. Voila!

Where to score the Toniebox deal

The Peppa Pig Bundle with Toniebox is marked down by over 40% today only. Instead of it's usual $135.97 price, storytime lovers can scoop the bundle up for just $79.99. But hurry up—there's a good chance this rarely-seen deal will sell out, and the Peppa Pig Tonie lineup is pretty popular.


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