Experts Discuss Best Period Underwear for Girls, Period

Period underwear for girls is one way to make the transition into womanhood a little easier. Here's what experts suggest.

Experts Discuss Best Period Underwear for Girls, Period

Periods can be a real pain, but period underwear can be a game-changer for your daughter. They'll help her feel more comfortable and confident during that time of the month. We've found the best period underwear for girls, no matter what your budget or flow level is.

Keep in mind that period underwear won't necessarily replace tampons, pads or other sustainable period products. They're great backups against leaks.

What to look for in the best period underwear for girls

Size, materials, wash and care, and absorbency are all important factors to consider when choosing the best period underwear for girls, as the level of protection can vary between different pairs, just like with regular underwear. Here's a little more as to why each matters:



When it comes to period underwear, absorbency is key. Some pairs can handle light absorbency, while others can handle heavy absorbency, so make sure to choose the right pair based on her blood flow level.


When it comes to period underwear, you don't want to skimp on the materials. Look for breathable and soft fabrics like organic cotton, tencel bamboo, and microfiber. These materials will keep you feeling comfortable and dry. And if you need a little extra stretch, lycra and elastane are also great options.

Steer clear of brands that use toxic chemicals like polyfluoroalkyl substances. Avoiding these may help reduce the risk of certain cancers, and it's better to err on the side of caution.


Some brands offer traditional sizing, while others offer size ranges by age. For example, sizes like 14/16 are best suited for girls aged 14 to 16, while sizes 8/10 are best suited for girls aged eight to 10 or a bit younger.

Wash and Care


When choosing period underwear, it's important to consider how easy it is to clean and care for. While some pairs can be machine-washed, others require hand-washing. Do not use fabric softener products on period underwear.

Best period underwear for girls:

Best overall

Saalt Leakproof Comfort Brief

saalt period underwear, best period underwear for girls Merchant

The Saalt leakproof comfort brief is a high-quality and comfortable period underwear. A PFA-free design made of dreamy soft TENCEL modal material won us over. The size range and color choices are equally impressive, and it is FDA-registered and compliant, making it as safe as it is comfortable.

Available in sizes up to XXL, this brief offers full coverage with a mid-rise. It comes in five colors, including volcanic black and tropical papaya, giving her the choice between classic and colorful. Despite being expensive, reviewers say these are a great match for teens.


  • Comfortable TENCEL modal material and PFA-free design
  • Smooth seams and comfortable fit
  • Five colors and sizes up to XXL
  • Use solo or paired with pads and tampons as backup (we like using pads for heavy flow or going entirely solo)


  • Prices start at $38
  • Lining is shorter than other pairs on this list

Best budget

Hanes Girls' Comfort Boyshort Period Panties

hanes comfort boyshort period panties, best period underwear for girls Merchant

Made with a blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex materials, each pack includes four pairs of boyshorts (or hipster panties) that offer full front and back coverage, a covered waistband, and a tag-free design.

These period underpants have a soft, absorbent crotch that works to wick away moisture and eliminate odors and stains. Wash this period underwear with your regular clothes and your favorite laundry detergent for sensitive skin. There's no need to worry about any hand washing or special care.

These panties are highly rated by reviewers for their perfect fit, great coverage, and ability to stay in place all day long. "No leaking, she was comfortable, nothing was rolling up into a ball, no mid-step adjusting," says verified Amazon shopper Alisa Chery.


  • Includes four pairs
  • Cotton, polyester, and spandex materials
  • Front and back coverage, covered waistband, and tag-free design
  • Soft and absorbent crotch that absorbs moisture and gets rid of odors and stains
  • Under $20 price
  • Offered as a multipack, because it's important to have enough pairs of period underwear to cover all the days of flow


  • These are thicker and stiffer than other pairs, according to some reviewers

Best organic

Goat Union Organic Cotton Underwear

Goat Union Organic Cotton Boyleg Period Underwear for Women & Teens, best period underwear for girls Merchant

These boyshorts are like a strong protective fortress during her period and can handle the equivalent of one and a half to two tampons because they have four protective layers: an outer layer made of organic cotton and spandex, an inner and second layer made of cotton and spandex, a third layer made of polyester TPU, and a cotton lining.

Choose from regular and plus sizes up to 6XL and have three colors to choose from, so it's easy to find the perfect fit. Reviewers love that they feel as comfortable as everyday panties with no bulkiness.

"It feels like real regular underwear. There's no bulkiness and they're comfortable to sleep in," writes verified Amazon shopper Jenelle.


  • Four layers of protection that can handle 1.5 to two tampons
  • 95% organic cotton, spandex, and polyester materials
  • Absorbent but not bulky
  • Great for lighter spotting days


  • Somewhat pricier than other options

Best rated

Nalwort Teen Girls Leak-Proof Organic Cotton Protective Briefs

Nalwort Teen Girls Leak-Proof Organic Cotton Protective Briefs, best period underwear for girls Merchant

When it comes to finding the best period underwear for girls, you know you've struck gold when hundreds of five-star reviewers can't stop gushing about it. But these undies aren't just all talk - they're stretchy, comfy, and absorbent with a full coverage lining from front to back.

With three layers of protection and sizes up to 14-16, she'll stay dry, comfy, and leak-free. And the waistband? It's so comfortable, it won't roll or dig in. While they aren't a replacement for actual underwear, reviewers say they are great panties for lighter flow and when she needs a backup option.


These period panties work brilliantly on light, moderate and somewhat heavy flow days.


  • 95% cotton and 5% other fiber materials
  • Choose from five available sizes
  • Stretchy and absorbent, with a lining that covers completely from front to back
  • Six pairs for under $25
  • Some reviewers with especially heavy periods report using these as backup with period cups


  • People who require more support and coverage may not find these to be sufficiently thick

Best designs

INNERSY Girls' Period Panties

INNERSY Big Girls' Period Panties, best period underwear for girls Merchant

INNSERY underwear is an excellent choice for keeping your daughter comfortable during her menstrual cycle. They are made from a blend of cotton and spandex, which provides comfort, stretch, and makes them fully machine washable. They are also absorbent, with four layers of protection, including a cotton crotch, absorbent layer, waterproof layer, and main fabric.

Choose from nine different colors, including prints, brights, and basics.


  • Nine different color and print options
  • Sizes up to 14/16
  • Four layers of protection
  • A combination of cotton and spandex materials ensures comfort and stretch
  • Easy to clean and care for—machine washable
  • For less than $25, this pack comes with three pairs.


  • According to some reviews, these run small, so size up if you want a true-to-size fit

Best boyshorts

TomboyX First Line Period Boy Shorts

TomboyX First Line Period Boy Shorts, best period underwear for girls Merchant

TomboyX's period boyshorts are the best period underwear for girls who want complete coverage during their period. They feature a high waistband, smooth seams, a durable flatlock, and a floating gusset that can absorb up to six teaspoons of liquid. Additionally, the OEKO-TEX® 100 certified fabrics used in their construction ensure comfort and dryness, while the water-resistant foldover elastic and threads add extra protection.

Your teen can find the perfect fit and style for their needs with these boyshorts, which come in three different colors and a range of sizes from 3XS to 6X.


  • Fit tests on a range of body types and a size range of 3XS to 6X
  • Full-coverage with high waistband, smooth seams, durable flatlock, and floating gusset
  • Fabrics are OEKO-TEX 100 certified
  • Four color choices
  • Wear alone, with pads or menstrual cups (for older teens)


  • Reviews suggest that the waistband might be too high on the waist.

Best for sleep

Thinx Period Pajama Sleep Shorts

Thinx Period Pajama Sleep Shorts, best period underwear for girls Merchant


If you're looking for a period underwear alternative that's not a bikini, hipster, or high-waisted brief, Thinx has got you covered with their full-coverage period pajama sleep shorts. These shorts come in three distinct prints (heather grey, galaxy, and night sky) and are perfect for overnight protection.

Choose from sizes 9 to 16. Teens, tweens and older girls can wear these easily throughout their cycles. These shorts are built to withstand wear, and their extended gusset can absorb up to five regular tampons worth.


  • Short design that offers full coverage
  • Extended gusset that has enough capacity to hold five standard tampons.
  • Select from three different designs/colors.
  • Materials that are comfortable and easy to clean
  • No clunky filter paper or disposables


  • Materials are not organic

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This article was originally published on Nov 30, 2023

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