12 Halloween Inflatables to Spook Up Your Yard

Say boo—we dare you!

12 Halloween Inflatables to Spook Up Your Yard

Spooky season is upon us, which means it’s time to start thinking about things like Halloween safety and kids’ costumes. You might want to jazz up your yard this year and make your home creepier, weirder or just more festive. Halloween inflatables are a fun way to add a little pizazz and festivity to your lawn.

Here are some of the best Halloween inflatables to consider this year.

What to look for in the best Halloween inflatables

Most Halloween inflatables are large to catch a child’s attention from far away, whether that be enticing or potentially chill-inducing. You’ll want a Halloween inflatable that’s made from a durable material such as waterproof and weatherproof plastic to withstand the elements, as October can offer up unpredictable weather.

Finally, find an inflatable that speaks to your Halloween vibe. Maybe it’s as something as a simple, friendly pumpkin or maybe it’s something terrifying like a family of spiders. Whatever it is, commit to the bit.

Our fave Halloween inflatables for 2023

We're going hardcore spooky and hilarious this year. Buckle up.

The Twillery Co. Outdoor Lighted Halloween Inflatable

outdoor lighted halloween inflatable, best halloween inflatables for the yard Merchant


This sweet little Halloween setup offers friendly, Halloween fun. It stands seven and a half feet tall and centers around a spooky haunted tree, with an owl, ghost and smiling pumpkins as additional decor. Made from a waterproof and weather-resistant material, this model self-inflates when plugged into any standard electrical outfit.

It folds up onto itself compactly, too, and comes with LED lights, tether ropes, sandbags, ground takes and an internal fan. It’s the perfect yard inflatable for younger children who might be scared by some of the other inflatables on the market.

Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin with Ghosts Airblown Inflatable

jack o lantern and ghosts halloween inflatable, best halloween inflatables for the yard Merchant

Level up a bit with this ghoulish Halloween display which features a scary yet cute set of ghosts and pumpkins. It self-inflates and features five internal LED lights to be seen at night. It’s made from weather-resistant polyester material and stands six feet tall.

The entire Halloween inflatable self-inflates and can be plugged into any standard electrical outlet. The kit includes tether ropes, ground stakes and an internal fan.


Costway Halloween Inflatable Combo with Witch Black Cat

costway halloween inflatables with pumpkins and a black cat wearing a witch hat Merchant

Another choice that leans more cute than creepy is this inflatable pumpkin and cat combo. It comes with a full kid including tether stakes, an air blower, LED lights and a bottom zipper to help deflate it quickly. Durable and adorable, it’s a solid Halloween inflatable option.

Airblown Inflatables Halloween Inflatable Pumpkin Stack Duo

halloween stack inflatable, best halloween inflatables for the yard Merchant


This stacked duo of pumpkins is only slightly sinister, which will be thrilling enough for some. Petite at only three and a half feet tall, it’s an ideal option for two to flank a walkway or porch. It self-inflates in seconds and deflates easily, making cleanup a breeze.

GOOSH Halloween Inflatable Outdoor Pumpkin with Skull Body

jack o lantern skeleton halloween inflatable, best halloween inflatables for the yard Merchant

If you’re looking for the perfect combo of spooky and sweet, this inflatable outdoor pumpkin with a skull body fits the bill. It stands six feet tall and features a pumpkin character with a skeleton body, witch’s hat, lollipop and trick-or-treat bag. It comes with stakes and ropes to secure it properly and a bottom zipper helps it deflate quickly. 

8-Foot Halloween Inflatable Spider

giant spider lawn inflatable, best halloween inflatables for the yard Merchant

This hair-raising spider measures six feet across, the perfect size for getting some shrieks out of kids. It inflates in seconds and is made from durable, weather-resistant material. A 10-foot power cord gives you a lot of leeway to work with, and it comes with two ground stakes to keep it planted into the ground.


If you’re trying to match a theme, it’s also available in a variety of other spooky colors, making it one of our favorite inflatable Halloween decorations for yards of all types.

GOOSH Halloween Inflatables Skeleton Puppy

skeleton dog inflatable, best halloween inflatables for the yard Merchant

Don’t be surprised if toddlers try to hug this Halloween inflatable throughout the season—it’s just too cute, thanks to the goofy, smiling dog, adorable witch’s hat and trick-or-treat bag in the dog’s mouth. It’s substantial at five feet long and one of our favorite Halloween decorations for households with dogs.

The kit includes a waterproof fan, ground stakes, tether ropes and a storage bag.

12-Foot Halloween Inflatable Towering Terrible Spooky Ghost

inflatable spooky ghost, best halloween inflatables for the yard Merchant

At 12 feet tall, this ghost is imposing and will make an impact in your yard. It’s weatherproof and water-resistant and easy to set up within minutes. It comes with built-in LED lights, an extended cord, ground stakes, ropes, built-in sandbags and a plug.


DearSun Harvest Inflatable Pumpkin Patch

pumpkin patch inflatable jack o lanters, best halloween inflatables for the yard Merchant

At seven and a half feet long, this pumpkin patch makes a friendly statement. It’s durable and made from waterproof Oxford cloth. Self-inflating, it comes with ground stakes and tethers to make sure that it doesn’t blow away. Classic and timeless, it’s a great addition to any inflatable scheme you may have.

Inflatable Halloween Characters and Pumpkin Patch

spooky front porch inflatables, best halloween inflatables for the yard Merchant

For a one-and-done option, try this pumpkin patch that comes with a ghost, witch and skeleton pumpkin, plus three additional pumpkins. It’s an impressive eight feet long and made from durable fabric to withstand the elements. It sets up in minutes thanks to its built-in air pump.

It also has built-in sandbags, tethers, ground stakes, an extended cord and built-in LED lights to complete the kit. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas Airblown Jack Skellington

spooky skeleton inflatable, best halloween inflatables for the yard Merchant

For fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas, this Jack Skellington inflatable is a no-brainer. It adds a little pop culture twist to your inflatable scene, and you can add additional pumpkins to your yard to hammer home the fact that he’s Pumpkin King of Halloween Town. Made from weather-resistant durable fabric, this option self-inflates and deflates in seconds for easy teardown.


Tombstone Halloween Inflatables

retro grave inflatables, best halloween inflatables for the yard Merchant

No Halloweenscape is complete without a graveyard, and this six-and-a-half-foot-long option can give you several gravestones in one. Built-in LED lights give the gravestones a nice glow, while its puns will have kids doubling over in laughter.

This outdoor Halloween collection is easy to set up and tear down and comes with a storage bag, stakes and tether ropes to keep the gravestones in place. 

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This article was originally published on Jul 31, 2023

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