Car Cleaning Products We're Obsessed With Right Now

Splish, splash—your car needs a bath. These car cleaning products keep your ride tidy, fresh and organized.

Car Cleaning Products We're Obsessed With Right Now


A clean home is a well-functioning one. Parents manage to cook meals for our families, do loads of laundry, remember to scrub the toilets and walk the dog. If there's one extension of a household that gets the shaft, though, it's the family car.

Cracker wrappers, stickers and gunk—cars bear the brunt of modern family life. We often forget to clean them properly. If you're looking to change that and want to know what the best car cleaning products are for family cars, read on.

What to look for in the best car cleaning products

Jessica Samson, a cleaning expert with The Maids says you'll want to consider the ingredients you use in your family car. She suggests looking for products that have plant-based or natural ingredients when possible. "Avoid kids or dogs getting into harsh chemicals that could damage their bodies," she says.

For example, 2-Butoxyethanol, which Samson says can be found in some window cleaners and spot cleaners. "If consumed, it can lead to kidney failure." If you choose to use products with these ingredients, make sure your children and pets are away when doing so and that the area is well-ventilated and the interior dried before they come back in the car.

The best car cleaning products we've found for busy family cars

When looking for the best car cleaning products for your family car, check out this list including everything you need from cleaning vomit off carpets to glass cleaners.

ThisWorks Car Vacuum Cleaner

ThisWorks Car Vacuum Cleaner, best car cleaning products Merchant


This powerful little vacuum is a best-seller in automotive care with over 290,000 mostly-perfect ratings. And for good reason. It packs a powerful punch in a compact device. At about two pounds, it's lightweight and small enough to store in your vehicle.

It has three attachments for detailing, plus a 16-foot cord that can reach all over your car without any issues. Plug it into a 12V outlet in your car if you need power and the battery is dead. Getting all that dirt out is better than an air freshener and heavy-duty cleaning supplies.

Car Cleaning Gel Kit

PUDILIKI Car Cleaning Gel Kit, best car cleaning products Merchant

For all those super-hard-to-reach areas like the cracks of cupholders, air conditioning vents and more, you'll want a gel like this one. Push it into cracks and crevices and watch the dust and dirt particles be lifted. Continue to use it until the blue gel turns black, getting multiple uses out of it.

We think this car care essential does a better job of detailing cup holders and the crevices of your rotating car seats than a trip to the car wash.

Armor All Car Cleaning Wipes

Armor All Car Cleaning Wipes, best car cleaning products Merchant

For a good solid wipedown turn to these multi-purpose cleaning wipes. These lint-free wipes can remove dust and clean upholstery, making them a one-two punch for general car maintenance on areas like your dash, the console and inside doors. They won't dry out or damage your interior and they're grease-free.

Weiman Leather Cleaner & Conditioner Wipes

Weiman Leather Cleaner & Conditioner Wipes, best car cleaning products Merchant

Kids put leather seats through the ringer, so it's important to condition and clean them with specially formulated wipes like these, which remove dirt while moisturizing leather seats. The wipes also provide UV protection through UVX-15 sunscreen to prevent cracking and drying.

Goo Gone Original Liquid Adhesive

Goo Gone Adhesive Remover, best car cleaning products Merchant


 Who among us hasn't felt the dread of a dried-on piece of bubble gum or lollipop? Goo Gone will remove anything and has a surface-safe formula to make it easy. It can remove stickers, wax, crayons, glue, window decals, glitter—GLITTER!— and leaves a pleasant citrus scent. It even gets excess car wax off tires and rims.

BISSELL Little Green Machine

bissell little green machine review Image: Bryce Gruber

If you have upholstery anywhere in your car, get the BISSELL Little Green Machine. It's one of our all-around top small appliances and a must-have for mess-prone families. This compact carpet and upholstery cleaner sucks up whatever dirt, gunk or mess awaits you.


  • Jessica Samson, a cleaning expert with The Maids

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This article was originally published on Oct 19, 2023

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