12 Maternity Rompers We Love Right Now

24-7 comfort is within reach when you're in a maternity romper!

12 Maternity Rompers We Love Right Now

Pregnancy fashion rule number one? Prioritize comfort above all else. A woman’s body undergoes significant changes during and after pregnancy, so it’s crucial to find maternity clothing that is comfortable, functional and easy to wear. This is where maternity rompers come in.

We enlisted the expertise of San Diego-based wardrobe stylist Jaquelyn Wahidi to help you track down the perfect maternity romper to wear throughout your entire pregnancy. Be sure to check out our newborn checklist, too.

What to look for in the best maternity romper

When looking for the best maternity rompers, Wahidi highlights four crucial factors: fabric, fit, versatility, and functionality. Here's why each of these factors is important.

Focus on Fabric and Fit: "Soft, forgiving materials allow for movement and expansion, and I always favor cotton, rayon, bamboo, and linen." Wahidi also recommends selecting maternity rompers with adjustable or elastic waistlines—these are essential for ensuring comfort throughout pregnancy.

Versatility Matters: "Opt for styles with adjustable straps or wrap designs. Also opt for rompers in neutral shades or prints that make styling effortless, thereby allowing you to wear them for years to come."

Consider Functionality: Wahidi also recommends choosing maternity rompers with convenient nursing features such as buttons, zippers, or wrap designs to facilitate dressing, undressing, and nursing, particularly after pregnancy. "These features facilitate breastfeeding without compromising style or comfort," she adds.

Maternity rompers we love right now

Get ready to be incredibly comfortable!

Maacie Maternity Romper Sleeveless Jumpsuit

Maacie Maternity Romper Pregnancy Shapewear Knit Sleeveless Jumpsuit, Best Maternity Robes

Think of this jumpsuit as the love child of shapewear and a romper—an absolute essential for any expectant mama. Its knit fabric and sleeveless style are all about keeping you feeling airy and light, while the shapewear element works its magic in supporting and shaping your gorgeous bump.

Choose from five sizes and eight colors. This jumpsuit is incredibly versatile, allowing you to dress it up or down with dress shirts, zip-ups, or even skirts. Bonus: we're obsessed with the pockets!

LaClef Maternity Sleeveless Jumpsuit Romper

LaClef Women's Maternity Sleeveless Jumpsuit Romper, Best Maternity Rompers Merchant


Boasting a square neck, smock bust, and wide legs, this romper-style jumpsuit is an adaptable wardrobe staple you'll find every excuse to wear. You can wear it during all stages of pregnancy (and even post-partum), and its sleeveless design ensures easy on-and-off access.

Choose from sizes up to extra-large and boasting eight stunning colors, it’s no wonder why Amazon shoppers are obsessed with this romper.

Poshdivah Maternity Jumpsuit Romper

POSHDIVAH Women's Maternity Jumpsuit Romper, Best Maternity Rompers Merchant


Lazy Sundays with a great read or a little prenatal yoga in this Amazon jumpsuit-romper are ideal. Choose from five sizes and six colors. It is designed to accommodate your growing belly while delivering maximum comfort.

Style this romper up or down with different wardrobe pieces thanks to versatile t-shirt sleeves. The addition of a built-in 360° elastic waist belly protector promises a secure fit without any pesky discomfort.

Seraphine Maternity Romper

Seraphine Maternity Romper, Best Maternity Rompers Merchant

Eat brunch brunch or bask in the sun at the beach in this chic Seraphine maternity romper. It keeps you breezy and stylish throughout your summer pregnancy. Choose from seven different sizes.

We love the convenient side pockets and the breathable linen blend fabric that ensures coolness and comfort. Adjustable tie straps are just another reason this piece made our best maternity rompers list. These make the romper easy to put on and take off as your baby bump grows.

Old Navy Maternity Henley Pajama Romper

Old Navy Maternity Sleeveless Henley Pajama Romper -- 3-inch inseam, Best Maternity Rompers Merchant

Maternity dresses, who? This Old Navy maternity romper is both stylish and practical. It's a perfect choice for expecting and nursing mothers. We love the supportive built-in shelf bra.

Choose from two colors and sizes up to XXL. This romper is ideal for lounging at home or weekend hangouts with friends. While these are technically are pajamas, when you pair them with a jean jacket and sneakers you easily create an effortless ensemble ready to wear out.

Hatch The Nurse-To-Errands Romper

HATCH The Nurse-To-Errands Romper, Best Maternity Rompers Merchant

If you’re after a romper exuding quiet luxury vibes, this piece from Hatch is an absolute must-have. We love how it effortlessly combines style and comfort. A classic silhouette and a chic tie sash at the waist add extra touches of elegance.


This adorable romper has easy access for nursing at the bodice, so you can wear it well after pregnancy. Choose from three sizes and two colors. Easy cleaning makes it one of the best maternity rompers money can buy.

Kindred Bravely Around the Clock Nursing Jumpsuit

Kindred Bravely Around the Clock Nursing Jumpsuit, Best Maternity Rompers Merchant

This romper-jumpsuit from Kindred Bravely is a great match for Wahidi's advice on opting for pieces with wrap designs, as it boasts a crossover neckline and a flattering, stretchy waist, ensuring the most comfortable fit. However, what we truly love most about this romper is that it is a great find for petite ladies, as its tapered, ankle-length cut prevents it from looking too long.

This enables it to be paired with various footwear options, such as kitten heels, sneakers, flats, or booties. While this romper is available up to size 1X, taller individuals or those between sizes should consider sizing up for the best fit.


Verdusa Maternity Tank Romper

Verdusa Women's Maternity Scoop Neck Button Front High Waist Tank Romper, Best Maternity Rompers Merchant

This scoop neck romper is the epitome of summer maternity chic. It's breezy, beautiful and oh-so-comfortable. Choose from six sizes and nine colors.

The soft fabric with a nice amount of stretch that reviewers can't stop raving about. With its elastic high waist, open back, and button front, this romper is designed for easy dressing and undressing.

Automet Sleeveless Shorts Jumpsuit

AUTOMET Women's Casual Sleeveless Shorts Jumpsuits with Pockets, Best Maternity Rompers Merchant


This single-piece outfit from Amazon is a standout choice you'll reach for daily. Layer it with tees or wear solo—this romper offers numerous styling possibilities. We love the comfort and flexibility of the cotton-spandex blend.

Choose from a diverse range of sizes and colors.

Happy Sailed Long Sleeve Waffle Knit Jumpsuit

Happy Sailed Women's Long Sleeve Waffle Knit Jumpsuit, Best Maternity Rompers Merchant

For those days when maternity dresses and loungewear just won’t cut it, this maternity jumpsuit is perfect. Its stylish design and comfortable fit make it essential for any expecting mother. Choose from sizes XS through XL and eight colors ranging from neutrals to pastels.

While it may not have pockets and the material might be thin, this romper-jumpsuit is still an excellent option for expanding a maternity wardrobe, especially given its affordable under-$50 price.

Oyongle Maternity Jumpsuit

OYONGLE Women's Maternity Casual Jumpsuit, Best Maternity Rompers Merchant

Add a transitional piece to your collection with this classic black jumpsuit. It is one of the best maternity rompers we've seen yet. It has long sleeves, a sultry V-neck, a belted wrap design and a lightweight fabric we love.

Check out these gorgeous, luxe jumpsuits for women for after baby is born too.

Funjuly Maternity Jumpsuit

FUNJULY Maternity Jumpsuit Women's V Neck Short Sleeve Casual Jumpsuit High Waist Nursing Romper with Belt, Best Maternity Rompers Merchant


Featuring a flattering wrap-neck design, soft fabric, and a relaxed fit, this romper is great for casual days and nicer occasions. Choose from five different sizes and a selection of 14 vibrant prints and colors.

Amazon reviewers love that this romper is not see-through and find it cool and comfortable to wear in warm climates. Wear it throughout all stages of pregnancy, whether it’s the first or third trimester.


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This article was originally published on Jan 05, 2024

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