10 Best Baby Shark Toys to Make You Do-Do-Do

Watch out—there's something playful in the water!

By Courtney Leiva
10 Best Baby Shark Toys to Make You Do-Do-Do

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Sorry, Jaws! Baby Shark is here to steal the ocean spotlight with his catchy "doo-doo, doo-doo, doo-doo" tune. And if you're living with a Baby Shark devotee in the house, you're likely surrounded by a sea of Baby Shark toys!

Kids, much like sharks, are always on the hunt for more! That's why we rounded up these fin-tastic toys that will make them swim with joy.

What are Baby Shark toys?

If you're not in the loop, let us bring you up to speed on the Baby Shark craze. It all started a few years ago when a South Korean entertainment company called Pinkfong released a catchy tune about a family of sharks. And when we say family, we mean the whole gang was there: Baby Shark, Mama Shark, Papa Shark, Grandma Shark and Grandpa Shark.

It's been stuck in our heads ever since (and a well over a billion views!). Now that Nickelodeon has launched a whole show about this adorable little shark and his shark family, it's spawned a whole line of Baby Shark toys. Here are some of the coolest ones we've seen!

The Best Baby Shark Toys 2023

Nickelodeon Baby Shark 5 Pc Finger Puppet Set

baby shark finger puppets, baby shark toys Merchant

Want to bring Baby Shark's Big Show to life at home? Check out this five-piece puppet set featuring the whole shark family, made of latex-free plastic. This puppet set is a great way to teach colors and counting from an early age. It comes in sets of five or ten. That's some pretty jaws-some news.

Baby Shark Costume with Sound Chip

baby shark costume, baby shark toys Merchant


Why wait for Shark Week when you can have it every week with this Baby Shark costume? It comes in three sizes and features a romper, removable noisebox and side fin shoulder covers. Here's some good news for Momma Shark and Poppa Shark: your little great white can wear this toddler costume again and again because it's safe to wash!

Baby Shark Chair Desk with Storage Bin

baby shark table and chairs, baby shark toys Merchant

Help your little one dive deep into the upcoming school year with this Baby Shark desk chair, which features a built-in cup holder and under-seat storage bin. This durable and cute choice is the perfect height to keep your kiddo from taking a tumble. It can also handle up to 50 pounds of stuff, so pile it up with books and supplies.

Want something even bigger? Check out these top-rated toddler table and chairs sets.

Baby Shark Step & Sing Piano Dance Mat

baby shark sing and dance mat, baby shark toys Merchant

With ten giant piano keys (allowing you to hear the song in five different instruments) and two activity modes, your child will sing and play along to the famous Pinkfong Baby Shark and Shark 123 songs. When it's time to clean up, this mat folds neatly for storage.

WowWee Baby Shark Singing Bath Time Bubble Maker

baby shark bubble maker bath toy, baby shark toys Merchant

Want to make bathtime more exciting? Look no further than this Baby Shark toy that creates fin-tastic bubbles that will encourage your little family of sharks to sing and splash along. This bath toy offers you two modes of play that encourage curiosity, creativity and motor skills.

Just add water and a dab of soap to the removable container and watch the bubbles take over baby bath time.

Pinkfong Baby Shark Musical Wood Sound Puzzle

pinkfong baby shark puzzle, baby shark toys Merchant

Do you know what's cooler than a shark puzzle? A shark puzzle that sings The Baby Shark song! With five chunky pieces representing the entire Baby Shark family, it's easy for little hands to grab and play. Just make sure you have some AAA batteries on hand to keep the song going.

Baby Shark Dancing DJ

pinkfong baby shark dancing dj, baby shark toys Merchant

This DJ toy is like a party shark and brings a whole new level of fun to the Baby Shark song. With it, you can enjoy the Shark ABC, Shark 123, and the Baby Shark songs and some remixes including the Baby Shark Remix, Baby Shark EDM, Baby Shark Official Jauz Remix and Disco Sharks.

Baby Shark Sing-Alongs 10 Button Sound Book

baby shark sing-alongs 10-button music book, baby shark toys Merchant


Storytime just got a whole lot more exciting with this special some-fin! This Baby Shark book is packed with ten press-play buttons, nine full singing songs, and 16 beautifully illustrated pages to help your little sharks develop their fine motor skills. It's one of the best toddler books for shark fans and is based on the scene from the original video.

Baby Shark Toys Montessori Busy Board

montessori busy board for toddlers, baby shark toys Merchant

This toddler-friendly learning board has everything little ones need to develop communication, reasoning and logical thinking skills—all in one convenient package. And hey Mommy Shark and Daddy Shark, no need to fret! This learning board is coated with non-toxic, water-based paint, so even the littlest ones can use it without any worries.

Baby Shark's Big Show! Mini Tablet for Kids

baby shark mini tablet for kids, baby shark toys Merchant

Who needs a fancy, schmancy toy when you can have a Baby Shark tablet at an affordable price? It's both fun and educational, allowing your little one to sing along to everyone's favorite tune while learning numbers and letters. We love it for making long car rides more bearable—just don't blame us if the song gets stuck in your head!

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This article was originally published on Sep 05, 2023

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