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This Affordable Baby Bath Support is Our Most Popular Registry Item

It's out most popular baby registry item, and the affordable price makes the Angelcare baby bath support a total win.

By Britton John
This Affordable Baby Bath Support is Our Most Popular Registry Item


Slippery babies at bath time are a new parent's nightmare! The right baby bath tool makes all the difference. The Angelcare baby bath support is the most popular item for new parents to order from our newborn checklist.

This affordable bath support system is also on the list of in-demand items from the best baby registries and makes bath time the sweet bonding experience it is meant to be! Bathtime fun doesn't have to be a chore.

What is the Angelcare baby bath support?

The Angelcare baby bath support is a sturdy baby bath with a soft, safe mesh sling built right in. This promises a soft, supportive resting spot for your tiny tot while they safely relax and splash their feet in the water. It provides added assurance so you feel like you have an extra hand at bath time.

Over 23,000 Amazon ratings and a budget-friendly price tag, it's a brilliant buy. Plus, parents can't stop talking about how lightweight, easy-to-use and attractive the design is.

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What we love most? There's no set-up or complicated plastic linings to clip in or risk ripping. Breathable fabric is designed for a quick dry–no dripping all over your floor! This top-rated baby bath support is also super affordable. Choose from trendy shades of aqua, gray or pink with white accents to compliment your bathroom decor and personal style.

Did we mention it's latex and BPA-free? It is! And that's something you'll both feel good about.

How to use the Angelcare baby bath support


Made of light-weight, durable plastic with ergonomic design and soft-touch mesh, at 22 inches long and 10.5 inches wide the Angelcare baby bath support fits easily in standard-size bathtubs and some single-basin kitchen sinks. It’s safe for a baby's first bath and is safe to use with little ones under 6 months or 20 pounds. Use it on its own or with your little one's preferred bubble bath.

That is when they need extra bath support the most! Parents love the soft bottomed lip that allows them to place the Angelcare baby bath support directly in the tub, and baby shampoos and gentle washes are safe to use on the materials. With baby supported your other hands are free to lather and rinse away the remnants of the day.

Drain holes and built-in hook make for easy baby tub rinse and dry, so you can breeze through clean-up and move on to cuddling, diapering and hair brushing. Hang it on a bathroom towel hook or right on a shower caddy. It's lightweight enough to fit easily in either spot.

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The best reviews

Micah Singian, a verified Amazon purchaser calls the Angelcare baby bath support, “Amazing! I have been seeing this everywhere on TikTok and am honestly so happy I got it. It is bigger than I thought it was going to be but happy to know it will grow with the little one. It is very soft and easy to clean as well.”

Another verified reviewer, Nicole bought this baby bath support last November and is still enamored! “This bath support has been perfect for my two-month-old. After struggling with bathing her in the sink using a flower bath bloom thing, I decided to try this out instead and we absolutely love it. It doesn’t fit in our kitchen sink, so we use it in our bathtub and it’s perfect."


She continues, "I fill up the tub with just enough water to submerge the bottom of the bath support, allowing my baby to splash her legs in the water and to keep her warm throughout bath time. It saves me from having to support her neck the whole time and allows me to focus on washing her (especially her head which was so hard to do with a blooming bath)”.

Texas mama of two Jocelyn Smith, shares, “I’ve had two of these and I love giving them as gifts” she says. “This is the best baby bath! I bought one for my son four years ago (I’ve handed it down since ) and one for my newest baby. I cannot recommend this bath enough! It’s easy to clean and it’s convenient!”  

Where to buy the Angelcare baby bath support

You can buy the Angelcare baby bath support here and have it shipped for free to the US and Canada with an Amazon Prime membership. (Don't have a Prime membership yet? Use our pass for a free 30-day trial.) It is currently on sale for 34% off the list price so hurry up and add it to your newborn checklist—it may just sell out!

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